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to create by combining parts or elements

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set up for a particular purpose

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The bus connects to a configurable analog array which, when combined with on-chip digital resources, enables the creation of complex signal processors.
ARC Video is a configurable subsystem that offers a powerful, highly efficient solution for low power multimedia applications.
With a configurable and extensible microprocessor core called Xtensa, Tensilica is the only company that has automated and patented the time-consuming process of generating a customized microprocessor core along with a complete software development tool environment, producing new configurations in a matter of hours.
Configurable repository views allowing a connector to access only a selected portion of a P8 CM repository.
The EEMBC benchmarks prove that Tensilica's configurable and extensible processor architecture delivers breakthrough features and optimized performance in embedded devices," said Chris Rowen, president and CEO of Tensilica.
By using Tensilica's Xtensa processors in three very high-volume product lines, Marvell is able to take advantage of the extreme flexibility that these configurable processors provide for our design teams," stated Alan Armstrong, vice president of marketing for Marvell's Storage Business Group.
the leading provider of configurable processor cores, announced they have collaborated to deliver a comprehensive ESL design environment with CoWare's Platform Architect for Tensilica's processors.
Improv Systems, a pioneer in the development of configurable DSP solutions, today announced that Victor Berman has been appointed president and CEO, replacing company founder Cary Ussery, who will remain a director on the company's board.
There are close to 140 companies using ARC's patented configurable subsystems and processors to create leading-edge products for a range of high-growth markets.
Held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, keynotes for the first day of ConfigCon Silicon Valley from Toshiba, TSMC North America, Cadence Design Systems, the University of Edinburgh, and ARC International detailed the technology wave building behind configurable CPUs to a standing room only audience.
and ARC International (LSE:ARK), the world leader in configurable CPU/DSP cores and application subsystems, announced that Boston Circuits has taken a license for the ARC([TM]) 750D configurable CPU for integration into Boston Circuits' gCORE[TM] family of multicore processors.
ARC's VRaptor Media Architecture leverages the power of its patented configurable technology to deliver an elegant implementation that capitalizes upon application-level parallelism.
The two companies will deliver MeP configurable platform models within the CoWare ESL tools set to mutual customers, giving these customers the ability to quickly explore several different MeP-based design alternatives very early in the design cycle.
Configurable DSP Pioneer Adds Experienced Channel Partner To Cover Eastern US
ConfigCon is a global developers conference that informs system-on-chip (SoC) developers on hardware and software solutions based upon configurable processor technology -- the industry's fastest growing microprocessor architecture according to Semico Research Corporation.