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with trust

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Skimpole gaily, innocently, and confidingly as he looked at his drawing with his head on one side, "here you see me utterly incapable of helping myself, and entirely in your hands
My impression was that he thought so too, though the last few times I saw him he spoke confidingly about the experience of being really old (he was eighty-nine when his heart gave out on October 23, 2013) and how different that was from anything he had quite imagined.
We wanted to stay out," she said to me, confidingly, "but the boys won't take us
The acoustic proved almost entirely accommodating to the sonorities of the piece, now dramatic, now confidingly intimate.
S]ure you're going to die," she says confidingly, almost patting our hands, "but not just yet.
And perhaps to win over the reader's indulgence, or assent, to the corporeal images to come in later stanzas, he begins the work, confidingly, with a plea and implicit vow: "Witness now this trust
With a child's voice I cry, Weak, sad, confidingly -God, God
Blessed with bucketloads of charm, he touches your arm confidingly as he describes the transforming power of a good haircut.
Fred, the one cowhand I got to know somewhat-who taught me to ride in a roundup and shoot ground squirrels, and talked confidingly toward the end--was both mild in manner and steadfast, yet lamed internally, with a cowboy's kidney disabilities and a flat-wallet winter to look ahead to.
I don't know why I end up playing all these naughty characters," she whispers, leaning forward confidingly as she tucks into her garlic mushrooms.
Her room at Miss Mills' boarding house was "a very humble little room, but Polly had done her best to make it pleasant, and it already had a homelike look, with the cheery fire and the household pets chirping and purring confidingly on the rug" (149).
Few writers before modern times allow their readers so confidingly into this extradiegetic narrator's world of composition as Byron in Don Juan.