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the state of being secret

discretion in keeping secret information

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In certain professional relationships the right of confidentiality might otherwise be justified as sine qua non for the very existence and effective functioning of the valued relationship.
A SOC 2 report is designed to meet the needs of existing or potential customers who require assurance about the internal controls at a service organization relevant to the security and confidentiality of the systems used by the service organization to process customer information, including the confidentiality or privacy of that information.
However, Baransu published several documents in his column on Monday which reveal that the government had lifted the confidentiality of other MGK documents to be published in dailies close to the ruling party.
Few legal concepts in international arbitration are more indefinite in nature, dubious in scope and uncertain in inexistence than confidentiality," which lacks "conceptual uniformity and shows clear limitations," according to the author of this volume, who seeks to bring greater coherence to the issue through an analysis of the concept of confidentiality as reflected by the most important arbitration rules, national laws, other arbitration-related enactments, and practices of arbitral tribunals and domestic courts around the world.
The challenging issue in this scenario is how to balance the student's right to confidentiality and the professional school counselor's ability to work effectively with the student without alienating the parent, who has a legitimate interest in the well-being of her child.
All health professionals are aware of the legal and ethical responsibility of maintaining confidentiality of patient information.
The success of mediation rests on the mediator's neutrality and confidentiality, allowing parties to share information, solve problems, build trust, and essentially decide whether to resolve the dispute, without fear of subsequent negative repercussions arising from honest, candid statements shared during the mediation process.
Young attended the session and signed the hospital's confidentiality policy and code of conduct, acknowledging in each document that she understood and accepted its terms.
Keywords: confidentiality, adolescents and young people, general practitioners, sexual and reproductive health, reproductive rights, Lithuania
In the most important aspects of our lives--those that affect our physical, emotional, spiritual, and legal well-being--we intuitively understand the need for strict confidentiality.
Laws that restrict the confidentiality of Texas teenagers who wish to obtain reproductive health services could exact substantial health and economic costs.
The arrangement is offered under confidentiality conditions; and
The Panel's recommendations are organized within four areas: (1) enhancing Informed Consent; (2) enhancing confidentiality protection; (3) enhancing the effectiveness of IRBs in handling "minimal risk" research; (4) and general system improvement issues.
9, the PEEC issued an exposure draft that focuses on disclosure to clients, the member's responsibility for all work, and maintaining the confidentiality of client information.
The suit alleges that XAP assured schools of the confidentiality of data it collected on their behalf, but "regularly provided student information to student loan lenders, loan guarantors and others," without informing schools or students.
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