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an indication of potential opportunity

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The company says that using this technology would make it easier and more convenient to implement biometric authentication to verify the identity of a person accessing confidential information managed on the Internet.
If the company has a policy that prohibits employees from emailing confidential information to a personal device or email account but supervisors routinely allow or ignore the practice, the company has very little hope of safeguarding its confidential information.
Managers should also work to identify disgruntled employees and assess the level of risk associated with the employee's access to confidential information and critical infrastructure.
When the client offered her a job, she accepted, knowing that there was a clause in her contract with Caterpillar that meant she could not discuss the confidential information outside the company, but there was nothing to stop her from taking up the new job.
According to Star newspaper, Denizbank AS officials did not share confidential information with the visiting managers of HSBC Holdings Plc, who are working on a possible purchase of Denizbank AS.
The memo bars the security personnel from making remarks containing information whose disclosure is prohibited by law to audiovisual and print media outlets, especially if the remarks include official and confidential information that they had access to during their service.
Indeed, since the confidential information was available to Joester, it is unclear why using the information to respond to the RFQ would have given TLC an advantage over Joester.
Employees should be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, preventing them from using or disclosing confidential information and requiring them to return all confidential information and company property before they leave.
Implement appropriate security policies which address use of computers, email, voice mail and the internet; which define physical and electronic access to trade secrets; which cover telecommuting and employee privacy concerns; and which control vendors and third-party access to confidential information.
To protect their employees, confidential information and physical assets properly, the majority of New York tenants install security systems in their office suites.
Disclosure of confidential information to an unauthorized source, or the exposure of confidential information to an unknown source by means of a lost laptop, may result in the same damage to the client.
Aloha Airlines Inc and Aloha Airgroup Inc filed a lawsuit on 13 October in state Circuit Court, claiming that Mesa Air Group Inc received confidential information as a potential investor in Aloha and used this improperly to enter Hawaii's inter-island market with intent to drive Aloha out of business.
Questions about the limits of attorney-client privilege usually come up in litigation when an adversary seeks disclosure of confidential information.
In the initial collaborative project, HitachiSoft has launched "Rights Core for HIBUN", a solution to protect confidential information developed with Microsoft(R) Windows Rights Management Services (RMS).
VALENCIA - College of the Canyons board members will consider censuring one of their own Wednesday for public and private disclosures of confidential information they contend he made, according to board papers.
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