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the state of being secret

discretion in keeping secret information

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Of course, the possible consequences of secretly recording a confidential communication do not stop there.
Confidential communication can be disclosed only to protect life, prevent bodily harm, or investigate or prosecute serious crimes, or in proceedings where the client has first presented evidence involving confidential communication.
Many employers require as a condition of employment, a signed statement by each employee acknowledging that the telephone calls made at work are not considered confidential communications.
In addition to fire walls and passwords, many groups and individuals will ultimately adopt digital certificates, which will enable the secure, confidential communication between parties," he said.
Simply stated, this privilege protects confidential communication between an individual and a lawyer.
As for your third question, I do not know of any case of willful or intentional leaking of confidential FOMC information to the press or the public, although I am aware that there has been confidential communication with appropriate senior administration officials.
4) An ombudsperson should maintain confidentiality even if his/her client has revealed the same confidential communication to a third party who is not bound to keep that information confidential.
Russo's whitepaper, "Email Encryption: A Trojan Horse Waiting to Strike" is excerpted in the report, where he noted, "Over time, we have learned that securing sensitive and confidential communication, data exchanges and information that travels through emailing is a complicated challenge.
I am extremely angry that this confidential communication has been made public.
The judge said: "It is essential people, in whatever walks of life, and, of course, those running important businesses, should know that the integrity of their confidential communication should be respected
Finally, the client should be informed that if the CPA receives direction from the client to assert the Confidentiality Privilege on the client's behalf, the client will hold the CPA harmless and indemnify him for any attorney's fees and other costs and expenses (including penalties) incurred by the CPA in defending the confidential communication.
It is a matter of regret that the issue has been politicized in Nepal and confidential communication from the Embassy has been publicized.
The informality and speed of e-mail can often sway the user into being less cautious both in terms of its use for highly confidential communication and the content of the message.
There is no such thing as a confidential communication (every body tells at least one person)
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