confidence trick

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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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IT is no exaggeration to say that wind farms will be judged by historians to be the greatest confidence trick of the 21st Century.
Confidence Trick looked a progressive juvenile for Sir Michael Stoute when quickening up well to prove much better than Connor's Choice in the 7f maiden.
JetBlue's confidence trick In a move instigated at board level and designed to restore confidence in the young carrier, JetBlue Airways.
A huge money spinning confidence racket and confidence trick.
Summary: Iran Thursday stepped up attempts to normalize its relations with the West with a Davos charm offensive that was immediately attacked by Israel as a confidence trick.
But Geraldine said: "This report is a sham, a whitewash, a confidence trick dressed up as independent scrutiny.
The 'long con' is an extended confidence trick involving an elaborate story executed over a long period of time that is aimed at convincing the target that the con artist is a legitimate and trustworthy resource.
Is it just a publicity stunt to impress the Welsh Assembly and to enhance officers CVs when they move on to pastures new, or is it a smoke and mirrors confidence trick so that when the council announce cutbacks in the budget, they can say it was what Joe Public wanted?
One investor lost a total of $357,000 in the confidence trick.
lt;p>Banking, despite complaints by some commentators around the world in the wake of the financial crisis, is not a confidence trick but it may be described as a trick of confidence.
One is the 'advance-fee fraud', which is a confidence trick.
In the mid 19th century, the gatehouse was enmeshed in a somewhat unholy confidence trick by Benedictine nuns wanting to move from Salford Hall, at Abbots Salford near Evesham.
Sir Michael Stoute was initially on the round gallop, where Ryan Moore took the leg-up on the Rahy colt Confidence Trick, and later on, Heaven Sent and Echelon stretched their legs on the same patch.
It's about time we had a government that defended the licence payer from what is one colossal confidence trick available nightly in the corner of your living room.