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a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim

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While getting a haircut and shave, the confidence man engages the barber in a conversation about trust, during which he is said to produce a 'magical .
Podria aventurarse que la creencia misma de Billy en la bondad de sus semejantes lo dejaron indefenso, mal preparado para enfrentar la vileza; es decir, que es demasiado "inocente", justamente como los pasajeros que terminan burlados por el bribon embustero en The confidence man, como los tripulantes del Pequod que, camino a la perdicion, no logran detener al enloquecido Ahab en Moby Dick.
Nevertheless, these analogies and the introduction of madness as a thematic element in The Confidence Man introduce a wider range of interpretations.
Like a confidence man, the speaker flows in and out of disguises.
Ramadan's doubters, in contrast, see a double-talking confidence man who by refusing to make a complete break with his Islamist heritage is merely offering an Islamism with a human face.
A constitutional crisis was averted only when it emerged that the King of France was in fact one Slats Banacek, a confidence man who had gained access to the White House through a liaison with a scullery maid and infiltrated First Lady Elizabeth Monroe's regular bridge game.
Thomas Mann's novel Felix Krull is a story of a confidence man who creates himself over and over according to his needs.
A At the end of it all, it is in its own way a "hurrah" for the United States entrepreneurial spirit which ranges from the imagined greatness of the risk taker and empire builder to the darker malignant side of the confidence man and con artist, perhaps evil but still secretly admired for bucking the system a" at least until one has to go to the pawnshop in order to get money for the next meal on the table.
Not surprisingly, fame and notoriety were incompatible with being a confidence man, and they brought him unwanted attention from the police and, most unfortunately, the Lexow Committee, a landmark commission investigating police corruption in 1894.
Nor do we know two further basic matters: how or when it occurred to him to put his Confidence Man aboard a Mississippi steamboat rather than keep him, like his prototype, in an eastern city, or when in his planning and writing of the book Melville enlarged his Confidence Man to a character of wider social and even cosmic significance than the newspaper original.
Spanos argues persuasively that Huntingon derives from a long line of American conmen figures that Melville prophetically and satirically portrayed in The Confidence Man (1857) a century and a half ago.
HERMAN MELVILLE'S THE CONFIDENCE MAN (1857), CHAPTER XVI, "A SICK man, after some Impatience, Is Induced to Become a Patient," finds us aboard the steamboat Fidele, gliding down the mighty Mississippi on our way to New Orleans and the Gulf.
Fields' trickster is in the literary tradition of the late 19th century, America's golden age of the confidence man.
At first, Stephen Burroughs, a counterfeiter, thief, and confidence man, seems to have little in common with the law-writing and law-abiding Benjamin Franklin.
The confidence man Foer appealed to their vanity, and they fell hard.