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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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This means we can accept Confidence Game as comfortable bed-time reading, and have sweet dreams afterwards.
With the understanding that money is tight - and money too is a confidence game - here's a quick to do list: Put the plan in writing, flesh it out, label it an economic plan, and then get new economy business leaders to sign on and endorse it.
Arsene Wenger accepts football is very much a confidence game - but has every belief Arsenal can deliver the required performance to bounce back from their midweek Carling Cup horror show with victory at Barclays Premier League bottom club West Ham.
Writing is very much an act of faith, a confidence game between the writer and a subconscious reluctant to give up the goods necessary to make art from the tiniest spark of an idea.
If you think about it, it's a kind of confidence game.
But football is a confidence game and you can't let stuff like that get you down.
says operated a "massive" US$8-billion confidence game from his bank in Antigua.
Running a con, or confidence game, is fairly straightforward: gain the trust of your targets and persuade them to want to give you something you want, like money or information.
He is growing in confidence game by game, according to Hughes, and getting closer to international recognition in the process.
He said: "Football is very much a confidence game and the lads are enjoying it at the moment.
Football is a confidence game and we have footballers whose main assets are playing and passing.
He said: "Rugby is a massive confidence game but if you are feeling confident in yourself then you cant wait for the next game and because of the fact that there is so much quality around me I have to be pretty confident that I can do well
AN ANCIENT CONFIDENCE GAME played by officials of the Bureau of Land Management and real estate developers involves agreements to trade public lands for private ones.
Cricket is very much a confidence game and that part of things is getting better.