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Synonyms for confidant

close friend


Synonyms for confidant

one in whom secrets are confided

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

Synonyms for confidant

someone to whom private matters are confided

References in classic literature ?
He began to doubt whether, after all, Mr Prosser's virtues as a confidant were not more apparent than real.
All the servants were but too well acquainted with their master's conduct, and either Benson or John would have been willing to serve me; but as the former was more staid and elderly, and a crony of Rachel's besides, I of course directed her to make choice of him as her assistant and confidant on the occasion, as far as necessity demanded, I only hope he may not be brought into trouble thereby, and only wish I could reward him for the perilous service he was so ready to undertake.
The old confidant, relieved from duty, dozed on his heels, with his back against the companion-doorway; and Karain sat squarely in the ship's wooden armchair, under the slight sway of the cabin lamp, a cheroot between his dark fingers, and a glass of lemonade before him.
confidant of conspirators, inditer of sanguinary menaces and manifestos, suspected of being in the secret of every plot.
Seldom do you have the use of your hands to activate an alert in an emergency, now family, friends, and confidants, may be notified by just stating your keywords.
Rural residence, substance use, having peers as confidants and having peers who had experienced premarital sex were positively associated with having had premarital sex among both men and women (hazard ratios, 1.
Americans' circle of confidants has shrunk dramatically in the past two decades, as the number of people who say they have no one with whom to discuss important matters has more than doubled, according to a study by sociologists at Duke University, Durham, N.
Estimating clandestine abortion with the confidants method--results from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Wes and Macy are friends throughout most of this story, confidants who understand something essential about each other .
Catiline, having assembled a considerable following throughout Italy, as well as a core of confidants in the Senate, began organizing and training his recruits, preparing for an armed overthrow of the republic.
Earlier in the season, Jackson confidants believed he would be intrigued by other opportunities.
As confidants to the discontented, the editors of these newspapers published ideas and experiences not commonly found in public discourse from those who seldom saw their words in print.
This group proved invaluable as friends, confidants and corner consultants.
This shows how gangs, in jail, gain confidants, future business partners, and recruits.
I would only argue with Miola when he gets too specific and sees all messengers in Shakespeare as reflections of the Senecan nuntius, all confidants (including Lady Macbeth) as dependent on the Senecan convention of the domina-nutrix, all soliloquies as growing out of the Senecan choral meditation, and all apostrophes to Night as an essential part of Senecan tragic rhetoric.