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Synonyms for confessor

one in whom secrets are confided

Words related to confessor

a priest who hears confession and gives absolution

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someone who confesses (discloses information damaging to themselves)

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References in classic literature ?
Well," said Aramis, "that musketeer and abbe, afterwards bishop of Vannes, is your confessor now.
Then, monseigneur, if you know that, I must further add a fact of which you are ignorant - that if the king were to know this evening of the presence of this musketeer, this abbe, this bishop, this confessor,
And he departed, leaving Baisemeaux almost more than stifled with joy and surprise at this regal present so liberally bestowed by the confessor extraordinary to the Bastile.
However, for my part, I would rather die unshriven than have anything to say to such a confessor.
If you should need a father confessor, madame" --she started ever so slightly--"remember, Papa Poirot is always at your service.
Should your confessor be less indulgent to you in your dying moments than you found the Abbe Busoni, send for me, if I am still on earth, and I will soothe your ears with words that shall effectually calm and soothe your parting soul ere it goes forth to traverse the ocean called eternity.
Armenian confessors also voiced their intention to apply to the European Court of Human Rights if they lose the trial in Tbilisi.
amp;nbsp;The pope told confessors to call upon exorcists to assist those that could be experiencing "real spiritual disorders," the AFP (https://www.
Pope Francis on Monday extended indefinitely to all Roman Catholic priests the power to forgive abortion, a right previously reserved for bishops or special confessors.
Mother Teresa had habitually preferred Jesuits as retreat preachers, spiritual directors and confessors for herself and her Sisters.
I will never tire of insisting that confessors be authentic signs of the Father's mercy.
If the book has a weakness, it is that Cornwell in his recitations seems to be falling into the very error that he accuses confessors of: an over-emphasis on the sexual.
Marguerite's attention to the topic of clerical abuse in the Heptameron has already been well researched, but the text's references to women serving as confessors merit further scrutiny.
At the conclusion of the Pauline year, Pope Benedict proclaimed the Year of the Priest and promised to publish a handbook for confessors and spiritual directors.
I understand that trained people can be spiritual advisers and as such they are not priests or confessors.