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Synonyms for confessor

one in whom secrets are confided

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a priest who hears confession and gives absolution

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someone who confesses (discloses information damaging to themselves)

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However, for my part, I would rather die unshriven than have anything to say to such a confessor.
Besides, you are my other confessor -- and what I have to say to one the other may hear.
The old lady liked her, and offered her her living and six hundred francs a year; but Noemie discovered that she passed her life in her arm-chair and had only two visitors, her confessor and her nephew: the confessor very strict, and the nephew a man of fifty, with a broken nose and a government clerkship of two thousand francs.
For the first of these, secrecy; it is indeed the virtue of a confessor.
Since Aramis's singular transformation into a confessor of the order, Baisemeaux was no longer the same man.
Why, then - being better, I have no longer the same need of a confessor, I think.
Well," said Aramis, "that musketeer and abbe, afterwards bishop of Vannes, is your confessor now.
Then, monseigneur, if you know that, I must further add a fact of which you are ignorant - that if the king were to know this evening of the presence of this musketeer, this abbe, this bishop, this confessor,
And he departed, leaving Baisemeaux almost more than stifled with joy and surprise at this regal present so liberally bestowed by the confessor extraordinary to the Bastile.
Casting a rapid glance at all those in the room and noticing the count's confessor there, she glided up to him with a sort of amble, not exactly bowing yet seeming to grow suddenly smaller, and respectfully received the blessing first of one and then of another priest.
Nor did the Danish power last long, for in 1042 we had in Edward the Confessor an English king once more.
Besides, a father confessor should be elderly, it is not at all the role for a young man.
If you should need a father confessor, madame" --she started ever so slightly--"remember, Papa Poirot is always at your service.
There, as it should be, the druggist is a counsellor, a confessor, an adviser, an able and willing missionary and mentor whose learning is respected, whose occult wisdom is venerated and whose medicine is often poured, untasted, into the gutter.
She was a Roman Catholic; and I believe her confessor confirmed the idea which she had conceived.