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a booth where a priest sits to hear confessions

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Second, exploring the notion of "catholicity" together, besides being an exercise in the rereception of an often misunderstood and confessionally claimed or rejected notion, which is of value in and of itself,25 has two aspects that are very closely related to the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace.
Charles Taylor defines the Hobbes logic of independent ethics in following words, "What Hobbes does is to make the demands of Christian faith, as confessionally defined, irrelevant to the public sphere.
Saudi police have made a string of arrests in recent months of Sunni extremists suspected of plotting attacks aimed at stirring sectarian unrest in confessionally divided Eastern Province.
But this focus does have some real benefits, when, for example, he reminds us that Catholic architecture was not all a matter of baroque exuberance: Catholic churches in confessionally divided societies were, of necessity, very different places.
The Huthis control much of northern Yemen but have faced fierce resistance from armed tribes in mainly Sunni and confessionally mixed provinces south of the capital, sometimes in alliance with Al-Qaeda.
The blast, which occurred in the early morning, also badly damaged a neighboring home in Iskandiriyah, which lies within a confessionally mixed area known as the Triangle of Death because of frequent attacks since the 2003 US-led invasion.
Though the images by Luyken and those in van Haemstede's work differed in the manner in which they were confessionally interpreted and perceived, both were able to move the martyrological tradition of illustration forward by giving the drama of martyrdom a range previously unseen.
Times have changed tremendously for post-Enlightenment and post-Christendom societies both in Europe and in several other regions; nowadays the plausibility and legitimacy of theology as a distinct, confessionally bound academic discipline within a secular university is questioned.
Earlier this year he was a key endorser when I launched the Two Futures Project (2FP), a confessionally Christian and predominantly evangelical movement for the abolition of nuclear weapons.
Dora, a confessionally mixed district, has been one of the Iraqi capital's most dangerous areas.
This epithet applies to her also with regard to the sentimental persona she created in Letters, where she, like Werther, confessionally displays the innermost movements of her soul.
Indeed, the disputes that had arisen in the late medieval era between distinctively permissive and restrictive attitudes toward usury do not come over into the Reformation along confessionally identifiable lines.
People who are confessionally Reformed and convinced Evangelicals have often been misrepresented in our church.
As I listened, she told me, confessionally, that she had started to cry at the end of the sermon, but not because its content moved her.
The story apparently is taken from Randolph's journal where he confessionally is recording his inner feelings.