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a booth where a priest sits to hear confessions

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The worst of Wednesday's violence struck the confessionally mixed north Baghdad neighborhood of Waziriyah, where a suicide bomber blew himself up at a mosque at around 6:40 p.
More than a dozen explosions -- most of them car bombs, but also at least two suicide attacks -- went off in predominantly Shiite areas of the Iraqi capital, as well as two confessionally mixed towns just to its south, security and medical officials said.
In Baghdad, bombings hit a variety of targets including shops and a market, in mainly Sunni and mainly Shiite districts as well as confessionally mixed neighborhoods, from around 5:30 p.
Rita Stephan's chapter on Lebanon, for example, delineates how the peculiarities of that country's elaborate, confessionally structured political system shape what women can do, yet also enable them to take political space, since the fragility of the system and its history of conflict make close control impossible.
Over time, his scholarship began to address the history and discourses of Russian Orthodoxy, ever more so as the intellectual climate opened up and confessionally based themes could be discussed more openly.
Subtitled Reinventing Christian Painting after the Reformation in Utrecht, it substantially modifies the conventional picture of this very talented Dutch artist (whose work Rubens--no less--described as 'above all that of all the other Utrecht artists'), strongly influenced by Caravaggio, with whom he may have been in direct contact while working in Rome, and who imported the latter's trademark chiaroscuro and emotionally charged subject matter to confessionally diverse Utrecht with both popular acclaim and commercial success.
Her debut book Confessionally Yours has just hit the market.
On the areas where there are particularly confessionally distinctive points of view, Protestant and Catholic--ecclesiology and Christology--the volume provides helpful parallel theological accounts.
Our country is deeply confessionally divided, and the Shiites voted for (Syrian President) Bashar Assad," reacting along sectarian lines, said Hamid Fadhel, a professor of politics at Baghdad University.
But this focus does have some real benefits, when, for example, he reminds us that Catholic architecture was not all a matter of baroque exuberance: Catholic churches in confessionally divided societies were, of necessity, very different places.
The blast, which occurred in the early morning, also badly damaged a neighboring home in Iskandiriyah, which lies within a confessionally mixed area known as the Triangle of Death because of frequent attacks since the 2003 US-led invasion.
Though often confessionally identified with the receiving congregations, immigrants pose specific challenges, the key to which is, perhaps unexpectedly, liturgy.
As I listened, she told me, confessionally, that she had started to cry at the end of the sermon, but not because its content moved her.
Earlier this year he was a key endorser when I launched the Two Futures Project (2FP), a confessionally Christian and predominantly evangelical movement for the abolition of nuclear weapons.
A politically and confessionally suspect elite was driven into exile and replaced by loyalists drawn both locally and from other Habsburg lands.