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a booth where a priest sits to hear confessions

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Shabbir Gigyani argued that if the confessional statement of the accused was believed to be true, then it should be accepted in totality.
KARACHI -- For the second time in the year, key suspect behind Baldia factory incident, Rehman Bhola, has backtracked from his confessional statement.
The regular dialogue with confessional organisations, like the one with non-confessional organisations, allows us to address the issue of our common future from different perspectives.
He said, due to confessional statements of PTI leadership, Imran Khan was trapped in foreign funding corruption.
Karachi -- Sindh Rangers have rejected the allegations leveled by Dr Asim that he was drugged by investigation team while recording his confessional statements.
I believe that the source of generating the sexual crimes starts in the confessional structure and magnifies itself throughout the structures of the church.
September 16 was chosen as the date for Imran Farooq's murder as it was meant to be a gift for Altaf Hussain on his birthday," said Shamim in his confessional statement.
FRANK BIDART WAGERS THAT TITLING a poem "My Mother's Nipples," as Robert Hass did, doesn't make it confessional ("The Journey").
This conviction that the construction of confessional communal worship began in the Persian period (pp.
Together, they show that the significant politicization of confessional and (proto-)national diversities characteristic of the eastern territories of Poland before partition continued in the western borderlands of Russia in the 19th century.
Indeed, if there is consensus between this party and the Speaker of Parliament for reasons of confessional agreement, its opposition to the work of this institution has appeared clearly in its efforts to obstruct it, in the past as well as today.
Benjamin Mathes, an actor and educator based in LA, is the founder of Urban Confessional, a group of artists who believe people need to be heard and have set up listening sessions around the world for passersby.
SEVERAL AUSTRALIAN lawmakers have brought up the confessional seal as it relates to mandatory reporting of suspected abuse cases.
Summary: Hezbollah MP Ali Fayyad urged Sunday the rival political factions to put their sectarian divisions aside, warning that a confessional conflict would harm all the parties.
One of the first things that strikes the reader about Al otro lado is the confessional framing of the narrator's diasporic experiences.