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as acknowledged

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39) Learned Hand, writing in the Harvard Law Review in 1901, asked, "[H]ow can the jury judge between two statements each founded upon an experience confessedly foreign in kind to their own?
312, 335 (1893) ("[T]he power of Congress over such natural highways as navigable streams is confessedly supreme.
The result is a work where the translator is confessedly visible; as Woerner translates Ouyang in "The Glass Factory": "glass, as a thing, is not transparent," and this seems an appropriate metaphor for the kind of translation offered here.
Summerhill was self confessedly an 'island' separate and removed from the community around it, and is included here merely as an example of agency in the socialisation process, a deliberate effort to produce a generation of children that embody the mutual interdependence of which Dewey wrote.
This echoing of God's Word enables Dante to transcend his own human limits in making his poem the mouthpiece of a moral authority beyond his own confessedly sinful self.
or, confessedly much more importantly, does not want, for that matter).
Margalit and Walzer first observe the disparity just mentioned, that Kasher and Yadlin, though confessedly preoccupied with war against terrorist groups, derive their approach from very general premises about the invariant duties of states toward certain types of individuals--regardless of the kind of conflict involved.
body, substance, monad, confessedly setting aside some otherwise central questions in other fields of Leibniz's interests like theodicy, necessity, logic, etc.
Likewise, I think, the younger Lissitzky also remained loyal not only to the basic artistic principles but also to the elevated artistic attitude of his teacher, even as he became a first-generation Constructivist, aware that confessedly 'materialist' Constructivism had an axe to grind against anything so unapologetically metaphysical as a mode of useless abstract painting making embarrassingly spiritual claims.
It is a confessedly circular theory: causation is explained in terms of powers; powers in terms of dispositions (causes) towards some types of manifestations (effects).
Titus, you have been found guilty of conducting a lottery; Flavius, you have confessedly violated the constitution.
Supposing that destiny, or interest, or chance, or what you will, has united a man, confessedly of a weak understanding, and corporeal debility, to a woman strong in the powers of intellect, and capable of bearing the fatigues of busy life: is it not degrading to humanity that such a woman should be the passive, and obedient slave, of such an husband?
43) Confessedly, none of this community, or "com-unity," diminishes the historical and contemporary fact that distortional religions can also be conveyances for extreme sectarianism and divisive dogmatism.
No matter how determined the classificatory system of the nosology, nostalgia is confessedly misplaced, and the volitional and the autonomic blur.