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Synonyms for confer

Synonyms for confer

to meet and exchange views to reach a decision

to give formally or officially

Synonyms for confer

have a conference in order to talk something over


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My actual view in 1974 was that there are two necessary conditions that are jointly sufficient for making a work of art: (i) the producing of an artefact and (ii) the conferring of the candidacy for appreciation.
Galectin-3 has high expression in many cancers, but not in normal cells, conferring broad potential applications for GCS-100 in solid and blood-borne cancers.
Tenders are invited for Conferring photography concession contract: for the provision of photography and framing services at nui galway conferring ceremonies.
New Delhi, Jan 27 (ANI): On the wake of controversy over conferring Padma Bhushan award to Indian American Sant Singh Chatwal the Union Home Ministry on Wednesday clarified that no Padma award has been conferred without the recommendation of the awards committee.
The report also examines changes in the types of institutions conferring the awards and differences in awards by gender and race/ethnicity.
Air Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Suleman thanked the President for conferring the prestigious award on him.
Most likely, upregulation of detoxification enzymes alone is not responsible for conferring the high level of DDT resistance we observed," Tang says.
In contrast to cross-resistance, co-resistance is due to the presence in the same host of several mechanisms, each conferring resistance to a given class of drugs.
Similarly, there can be differences about whether something is an artwork if there is disagreement about the credentials of the person who is conferring arthood.
We asked the question: What in broccoli is conferring protection against cancer?
By specific disciplines, National University also ranks first in California in granting master's degrees in business, management and marketing to African Americans, conferring 49 such degrees to Black students during the above-mentioned period.
In conferring the Gold Medal, AIA/LA Chapter President John Dale said, "We are recognizing a lifetime of innovative planning, design excellence and out-of-the-box thinking that has profoundly influenced the urban environment the world over.
Chief Marshall Rao Qamer Suleman thanked the President for conferring the prestigious award on him.
New York University leads the nation, conferring 3,157 master's degrees to women.