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Synonyms for confer

Synonyms for confer

to meet and exchange views to reach a decision

to give formally or officially

Synonyms for confer

have a conference in order to talk something over


References in classic literature ?
In conferring the honorary degree of Master of Arts upon the Principal of Tuskegee Institute, Harvard University has honoured itself as well as the object of this distinction.
He, with his usual self-depreciation, thought her a world too good for him, and while he wondered at the kindness of Providence in conferring such a gift upon him, and even at her taste in preferring him to other men, he did his best to reciprocate the good she did him, and so far succeeded that she was, and I believe still is, one of the happiest and fondest wives in England; and all who question the good taste of either partner may be thankful if their respective selections afford them half the genuine satisfaction in the end, or repay their preference with affection half as lasting and sincere.
In other words, she had recently been raised to the position of Lord Winwood's second wife; his lordship conferring on the bride not only the honors of the peerage, but the additional distinction of being stepmother to his three single daughters, all older than herself.
But as to his power, he never used it; and as to his benevolence, he exerted so much, that he had thereby disobliged all his neighbours; for it is a secret well known to great men, that, by conferring an obligation, they do not always procure a friend, but are certain of creating many enemies.
Tenders are invited for he university of limerick (ul) conferring ceremonies take place in june (medical and therapies conferring), august (known as summer conferring) and january (known as winter conferring) each year.
The highlight of the evening was the conferring of the 45th Dada SahebPhalke Award to Gulzar, the veteran film lyricist, director, screen writer, producer and poet.
In his remarks, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif thanked the Turkish president for conferring the highest award on him and said it is a testimony to the unique relations that thrives in the hearts of our two peoples.
UNIVERSITY College Cork has announced that it is to charge graduates EUR65 as a conferring fee.
Official sources told that the formal announcement for conferring civil and military awards would be made on 14th August.
The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has now admitted that there was in fact conferring between the officers.
Before conferring a professorship on any of its staff, the University of Huddersfield seeks endorsement from leading academics from other institutions in order to verify the quality of the research.
Additionally, 2005-06 was a banner year for Del Mar College in conferring degrees and certificates overall.
NUI Galway made history last week by having its first ever honary degree conferring outside of Ireland.
The second integron contains the [beta]-lactamase gene pse-1, conferring resistance to Ap.
Six insecticides were linked to prostate cancer only in men with a family history, conferring a two-fold excess risk of prostate cancer.