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Synonyms for conferrer

someone who converses or confers (as in a conference)

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Myers, Echoes of the Founding: The Jury in Civil Cases as Conferrer of Legitimacy, 54 SMU L.
This genre ultimately descends from Augustine's fecund salvific commitment to Lady Continence in book 8 of his Confessions, itself inverting the Fall at a redemptive fig tree that recalls the cross as at once conferrer of salvation and moral exemplar of self-discipline.
The cases sometimes describe an officious conferrer of benefits as an "officious intermeddler," (14) which sounds worse, and as a "volunteer" ([section] 2 cmt.
Conferring postsecondary institutional accreditation without the conferrer having been recognized by the Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Here Lentricchia dismisses the novel's very real engagement with issues of race and class, claiming that the role that these forces played in naturalist (and presumably socialist) novels is replaced by the more totalized oppression of "the charismatic environment of the image": "DeLillo's American tragedy is classless, not because he refuses to recognize the differences that class can make, but because the object of desire, what is insistently imagined in Libra as the conferrer of happiness, is never located in the privileged social space of those Fitzgerald called 'the very rich' .