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Synonyms for conferral

the act of conferring, as of an honor

Synonyms for conferral

the act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift

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In respect of the proposed Div 105, the essential question would be whether, the conferral on an 'issuing authority'' (a person who is a Federal Magistrate or a Judge of a federal court) of the power to make a preventative detention order would have the effect of authorizing a judge of a Ch III court to perform a non-judicial function of such a nature or in such a manner as to undermine the institutional integrity of the court of which he or she is a member.
The conferral concept is augmented by the fact that the Constitution must be ratified by all of the Member States "in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements," (239) and that upon ratification it will repeal the EC Treaty and the TEU.
Finally, bioethicists and their academic institutions have benefited from the status conferral of popular media.
Institutional missions were less contingent on social and political pressures from the community, and the conferral of elevated stature on living artists was the business of commercial galleries, not museums.
more than from any other country, and 48 percent (8,000) reported accepting firm offers to do so at the time of degree conferral.
1, 1 450-1475 publishes 249 documents noting the conferral of licentiate (authorization to teach) and doctoral degrees, in a few cases with two documents for the same candidate, conferred between 7 May 1453 and 18 December 1475.
Together these nonmaterial benefits provided "social interaction in a comfortable atmosphere, escape from the drudgery and worry of tenement and shop, the conferral of collective and individual honors, the safe venting of anger and resolution of disputes, and the sense that the immigrants had their lives under control" (p.
Under ERISA, an unambiguous conferral of discretion means an appellate court has to decide only whether the plan administrator's decision was unreasonable, a relatively light burden for administrators to prove.
Raucous chants and victory yells mingled with the speeches and solemn conferral of degrees; banners and balloons festooned the grandiose buildings.
The New Testament recorded Christ's conferral of power on Peter--and, by inference, on his successors--but what evidence was there of any independent divine conferral of authority on the king or the emperor?
They would emphasize the same arguments made by professionals and professional associations: the quality of professional work and the need for appropriate background and educational experience set the basis of conferral of professional status.
Rhode Island), stated (from that decision) "Even though the government is under no obligation to provide a person, or the public, a particular benefit, it does not follow that the conferral of the benefit may be conditioned on the surrender of a constitutional right.
The conferral of merit badges for excellence in achievement and good works reinforces the notion that hard work will be rewarded,"wilderness survival.
Righteous Gentiles" is the common translation of the Hebrew "Hasidei Umoth Ha'olam" [literally, "Righteous among the Nations of the World"] - an honorific title now known mainly through its conferral by Yad Vashem on non-Jews who acted during the Holocaust to save Jewish life at the risk of their own.
Under current federal law, the conferral of trust status by the Interior Department on tribal property makes the property exempt from state and local taxes and other municipal ordinances and regulations.