conference room

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a room in which a conference can be held

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With the Qt Conference Room Edition, meeting participants can speak freely knowing that what they say won't be overheard by unintended listeners outside the room.
Second Floor Large Conference Room, 1015 Willamette St.
No NGO was allowed onto the floor of the Conference Room, or into any of the working groups or contact group.
Fire Conference Room, Eugene Fire & EMS, 1705 W.
The successful implementation of a Smart Conference Room requires advanced voice and data communications skills and we appreciate the trust EPA has placed in ECS to support the nation-wide mission critical communication needs of the EPA.
Above them on the roof is the curved conference room with its external terrace and longer views, the one touch of real extravagance in an otherwise low-cost project, and full of interesting details.
claiming that he deliberately slammed a conference room door on her wrist, officials said.
In the past, bringing remote colleagues together virtually has required a huge investment in conference room equipment and infrastructure," said VTEL President Richard Ford, "but VTEL's all-in-one IPanel conferencing room system combined with SightSpeed's best-in-class online videoconferencing services take the cost--and aggravation--out of videoconferencing.
Interviews, October 27 & 28, 2015, Lobby B Conference Room.
400 50 40 N/A N/A Conference Room Delta Resort Reception Capacity Meeting Conference Center Capacity General Capacity Trade Snow Meeting Room Booths Conference Room A 400 30 400 Conference Room B 30 N/A 30 Conference Room C 30 N/A 30 Conference Room D 20 N/A 20 Alt.
Public Safety Answering Point Committee - Noon, 911 Conference Room, Central Lane Communications, 1735 W.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Spire Global, the exclusive source for Sony Video Conferencing in the United States, is excited to unveil Sony Conference Room Connect, which allows organizations to easily launch video conferencing solutions organization-wide from mobile PC users to complete Sony Video Conferencing room systems.
Now, following Kohl's election defeat, Gerhard Schroder will occupy an office suite, alongside those of his ministers, in an eyrie above 370 lesser offices (manned by 500 civil servants), two cabinet rooms, an EU conference room, banqueting hall, press facilities, library, security offices, 50 workshops including a print works, restaurant, fitness centre, bunker, car park and 13 glazed winter gardens.
today at the Pasadena Center Conference Room, Room 106, 300 E.
Finish existing shell space currently used by Facilities Management into new Conference Room 106.
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