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Synonyms for conferee

one who participates in a conference

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a person on whom something is bestowed

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a member of a conference

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When Congress returns in September, conferees will once again try to reach an agreement on the highway and transit legislation.
Even if the conferees are able to reach agreement on a final bill, he said, he doubted it could get through the Senate.
Continued failure to reach agreement on an overall funding level for a six-year transportation reauthorization bill threatens to snuff out the last flicker of hope that House and Senate conferees can complete a bill before the Congressional summer recess that begins July 26.
Republican Medicare conferees still were at an impasse Oct.
After months of uncertainty that Medicare conferees would be able to reach agreement on the major differences between the House- and Senate-passed Medicare prescription drug bills, the conferees expressed confidence Oct.
a highway conferee, replied that "to simply reiterate our positions does not advance us making law.
Bush told the conferees he was optimistic they would be able to reach a compromise, but stopped short of telling them what the compromise should be.
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) had predicted the conferees would reach a compromise by the end of September so both Houses would have time to vote on the final bill before adjournment.
He said that the conferees also called for supporting the native administration.
House and Senate conferees are putting the final touches on a compromise budget plan, and Congress is expected to quickly enact the final budget agreement.
A statement by al-Jaafari office said that the conferees stressed during the meeting, which was assembled in Allawi's office , the need to accelerate the formation of the next government, according to a steady program able to handle the previous problems in accordance with the Iraqi constitution
In a short statement early today by Chairman of the Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaffari, the conferees evaluated the first parliamentary meeting.
Both the Senate and the House passed versions of the Farm Bill last summer and as of this writing, the conferees from both the House and Senate are negotiating the version of the bill that will move on to the President's desk.
He went on to say that the conferees have "tried to be more realistic, thus they chose economic integration to start with because it is the closest to the parliamentary legislation.
Conferees discussed ways to improve the country's fiscal outlook and stabilize the long-term trajectory of the debt relative to the economy.