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Synonyms for confederative

united in a confederacy or league

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Far from being a centralized political entity, the Sasanians owed their continuity to an undeclared confederative structure with Parthian families.
Omirou said that EDEK's withdrawal came after its own proposals had not been listened to, and the "Turkish side's recent unacceptable confederative proposals essentially and openly muddy the waters for a solution", and the "negative results" of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's recent visit "proved we were right".
The existing system of regulations of lotteries and commercial bet-ting in Switzerland reflects the confederative structure of the country and the distribution of the legislative competence in the area of gambling and lotteries between the Swiss Confederation and the 26 Swiss Cantons.
As John Rawls recognized, this may necessitate the establishment of new alliances or new institutions and practices to serve as a kind of confederative center and public forum.
With their unique confederative character, American parties were now doing much of the essential work of democracy: educating voters about the issues, as well as teaching them the linkages between the public and the private, the local and the national.
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