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someone who makes candies and other sweets


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They now let him go on alone; and as he went, his breast was filled more and more with the forest solitude; but he still heard the little bell with which the others were so satisfied, and now and then, when the wind blew, he could also hear the people singing who were sitting at tea where the confectioner had his tent; but the deep sound of the bell rose louder; it was almost as if an organ were accompanying it, and the tones came from the left hand, the side where the heart is placed.
Hershey, the American confectioner, philanthropist and founder of The Hershey Chocolate Company.
The group includes leading Egyptian confectioner Rashidi El-Mizan, juice and diary producer Enjoy, cheese manufacturer El Misrieen and Sudanese confectioner El Musharaf.
THE ART OF THE CONFECTIONER: SUGARWORK AND PASTILLAGE teaches the basics of creating complex sugarwork showpieces for display and competition and is a top recommendation for any neo-professional confectioner who wants to move into the display level of art.
A luxury confectioner of the finest tradition, Forrey & Galland has established a reputation as a trendsetter in the UAE's confectionary industry.
One leading British confectioner said it was expecting "high double-digit" growth in the cost of gelatine going into 2012 as the price was pushed up by growing demand from China.
However, the Branch Chamber of Industrial Bread Producers and Confectioner in Bulgaria announced recently that they expect the price of the most popular bread to increase by BGN 0.
Abu Arab Haidar, another most famous confectioner in Midan marketplace which is known for its sweets shops, said that the Damascene sweets have become on top of the purchases of the Arab and foreign tourists who visit Syria.
ITALIAN confectioner Ferrero has ruled itself out of the Cadbury takeover race, after last week's recommended pounds 11.
Kraft's current offer expires tomorrowbut this will almost certainly be snubbed because it is more than 60p below Cadbury's current share price, which values the confectioner at pounds 10.
mixed together and we keep it for preservation for a year and then we make a cake and make a Christmas plum cake for the next year," said Bevin, a senior confectioner, Bangalore.
Hershey said there was "no assurance" over a definite offer, but has been linked with a joint bid in tandem with Italian confectioner Ferrero.
confectionery Tuesday nearly three months after pulling them from shelves over revelations the confectioner had used expired ingredients.
The shop's first listed owner or tenant was confectioner W.
She trained as a confectioner baker in Galway but quit to join the convent at the age of 28.