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a confectioner's shop

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Apart from Colombian brands, sugar confectionary is a highly atomised product area comprising many brands, most of which are imported.
Given that the expansion of sugar confectionary is linked highly to innovation, substantial growth rates are not expected over the forecast period.
Global sugar prices have hit a six month low which should make manufacturers confident of hitting their margins and the supply of confectionary products in the foreseeable future reliable.
The Confectionary market in Sweden offers significant growth prospects for manufacturers to introduce new products in the market.
This report brings together market data to provide a comprehensive brief of the Confectionary market in Sweden and allows for the identification of key growth opportunities across major Confectionary Foods categories.
Gums & jellies sales proved the most lucrative for the Irish sugar confectionary market in 2010, generating total revenues of $27.
Analyzes key trends, market drivers and resistors to the growth of global confectionary market.
Predict future confectionary market size and growth levels using this report's forecasts to 2014.
The Confectionary market in Denmark offers significant growth prospects for manufacturers to introduce new products in the market.
a dessert manufacturing company specializing in ingredients, food service bakery and confectionary products, announced the completion of its acquisition of Bako Products, a provider of specialty bakery desserts located in Sacramento, CA.
OTC BB: CDCA), the largest tobacco, confectionary and cosmetics distributor in South Africa, today announced that it will begin trading on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol "CDCA," during the week of April 17, 2000.
eCandy is the leader in the online candy industry and we are looking forward to working with them in changing the fundamental terrain of the candy and confectionary business as we develop new and innovative ways for manufacturers and retailers to meet customers' needs and candy desires.
eCandy's mission is to build the only fun and easy place to buy all the confectionary products customers are looking for.