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Girolamo Ambrogio Miseroni and his brothers were skilled at confecting complex cameos from semi-precious hardstones so dense that they could only be abraded by diamond dust in a process requiring great technical skill.
Thus, the ideal anatomical outline that was supplied for confecting the veneers seems to have been neglected.
Chocolat: Another one of those food-and-desire lip-smackers, this time with Juliette Binoche doing the confecting in an uptight '50s French town.
Confecting family requires the full use of the herb cart, ideally neither stingy with this nor too generous with that, not to overpower but to enhance the substance and qualities of all that it means to be family.
He is no Richard Diebenkorn confecting middlebrow desserts from modern art's kitchen scraps.
Silverstein's arch over-reaching claims demonstrate that he was pennywise and pound foolish and is now attempting to rectify that mistake by confecting new values.