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Given that the Sacred Chrism is only rarely confected and consecrated, the consecration of the myron by Joachim V, Patriarch of Antioch (1580-92), might indicate a reversal of a temporary right of the Ecumenical Patriarch granted by the Ottoman sultan, the reversal's being based upon previous practice under the Mamluk regime.
For a birthday party hosted by Lucy Sykes, the former fashion director of Marie Claire, and her husband, investment banker Euan Rellie, Huey confected a poetically moth-eaten bustier laced above a shredded tulle skirt, to be worn by Alexa Wilding, the neo-Stevie Nicks, as she popped out of a wooden cake.
This sentence first appeared in The Friends of Voltaire (1906) by S G Tallentyre, the pen name of E B Hall, who in 1935 admitted that she had confected these words and should be very much surprised if they are found in any of his works.
That issue of intercontinental fantasy, the confected dream of the elsewhere that seems to pervade the safe, reappeared in places in "Africolor," the second show in the space.
A steely wisdom I impart, though it be only poetry, confected with laborious art, for those who have the means to see, it carries sharp into the heart, it lodges there until they die.
Finch made reproductions of the ersatz big toe, as well as second one from the Thebes site confected from papier mache, plaster and animal glue.
While the original quote was used to allay Americans' fears of socialist economic policies that were supposed to rescue America from the Great Depression but actually deepened and extended the depression, the perverse version confected by Walker is a perfect explanation of modern Americans' misunderstanding of freedom: "The only thing we have to fear is freedom itself.
Settlement Activity and Land Confiscation During 2010 the Israeli army confected 4,826 donums of Palestinian owned land from various parts of the west Bank and east Jerusalem.
Against the advancing flames, he waved a hose with a handmade nozzle confected from a plastic soda bottle.
I see Wilson's Rutledge oeuvre as a shockingly confected hetero distortion.
The ziuthre, for example (the paper talisman confected by Pierre), refers to the cut-outs made by Nadja, and the flying statues in Pierre's room recall statues in Breton's room, that frightened Nadja.
Belluschi, by contrast, confected a truculently windowless monolith that did daily battle with the urban logic of Upper Broadway.
Scott's confected landscapes embody the disjunctions mentioned by Mitchell but from the position of one who lives in the country rather than one who looks at it.
Aelred's view, as expressed in this Marian sermon, is founded on a theology of marriage that, though not explicitly sacramental, understands marriage as confected and confirmed in a faith commitment to Christ.
Following on the very best traditions of 'never saying never' day one of the tournament in San Diego confected some interesting results when one of the emerging forces of the game, Kenya, went down to Uruguay.