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Synonyms for confabulate

to engage in spoken exchange

Synonyms for confabulate

unconsciously replace fact with fantasy in one's memory

have a conference in order to talk something over

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First, one barrier to the view that delusions are a (generic) natural kind is their variable causation: Cotard's and Capgras' and other monothematic delusions seem to be isolated confabulations produced in response to localized neurological damage, while the systematic delusions of schizophrenics have some different source.
The wonderfully blasphemous show centers on the hapless activities and confabulations of two 19-year-old Mormon missionaries.
THE recent releases by WikiLeaks of private confabulations and "deals" of many political leaders have understandably made many governments and political leaders across the globe shiver and cringe, with shameful embarrassment.
Often those memories are incomplete, and when they are, one tends to fill in the gaps with reasonable but unremembered confabulations.
Each time, the people mobilised, in one way or the other, while the regular opposition leaders spent time in self-important confabulations.
So the question becomes whether Rabate, in the course of dilating on Clinton, the Bush administration, the confabulations of journalists Janet Cooke and Stephen Glass, Lauren Slater's Prozac Diary, James Cameron's True Lies (thumbs up), and Wolfgang Petersen's Troy (thumbs down), provides a sufficiently interesting reading of lying to disregard an interpretive framework that has, at best, a dubious purchase on the issue's substance.
It is nothing so insignificant or insubstantial as mere mental confabulations.
Better than that--they'd had plenty of naughty, tweaky, plotty, reconciliatory confabulations.
Such psychic confabulations are the work culture imposes upon us for being born into it.
Some have been drawn to these absurd confabulations out of radical distaste for the "ordinary history" in which normal folk believe.
It was simply inconceivable to my Pentecostal friends that somebody who had tasted "the highest pinnacle of Christian life" would be prepared to drink from the "troubled fountains" of "unbelieving" and "liberal" theologians (in fact, they had not read a single line of the theologians whom they condemned), and they invented all kinds of confabulations to "explain" the anomaly.
In one of their confabulations, at the end of which they affirm
He talks of calling his narrative a collection of confabulations.
Memories, Sonnabend contends, are confabulations, artificial constructions that we design to protect ourselves against the irretrievability of past events in the face of our inevitable amnesia.
The editorial denounced Gore as "a politician who not only manufactures gross, obvious lies about himself and his achievements but appears to actually believe these confabulations.