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Synonyms for confabulate

to engage in spoken exchange

Synonyms for confabulate

unconsciously replace fact with fantasy in one's memory

have a conference in order to talk something over

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Upon the announcement of my talk, rumor has it, the faculty at Benton confabulated, and somewhere along the line it was understood that one professor from the department would attend.
His description of this confabulated "new class" is an interesting example of projection: It says much more about himself than it does about the people he purports to describe.
He turns his emotional cathexes into persons, he peoples the world with them and meets his internal mental processes again outside himself in just the same way as that intelligent paranoiac, Schreber, found a reflection of the attachments and detachments of his libido in the vicissitudes of his confabulated rays of God.
Rozzano, supra note 21, at 643 (stating hypnotically recalled facts "become grafted upon the subject's memory and are accepted by the subject as true, whether they were actual facts known by the subject prior to hypnosis, confabulated facts or the fruits of hypnotic suggestion").
The essay suggests that both fiction which poses as "more truthful" than confabulated nonfiction as well as nonfiction which pretends to be superior to fiction are playing a similar game.
I had an alcoholic patient who confabulated and gave me a wonderful history.
It is because the ethos of New Labour is confabulated around the image of the 'big project', that big means better, that big is impressive, that big means business.
It is a safe bet that the ancient Greeks or citizens of the Middle Ages would have confabulated quite different reasons for their actions than do modern subjects.
Beaver, Memory stored or Confabulated by Hypnosis--Is It Competent?