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Synonyms for cone

any cone-shaped artifact

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a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point

cone-shaped mass of ovule- or spore-bearing scales or bracts

a visual receptor cell in the retina that is sensitive to bright light and to color

make cone-shaped

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Whether in need of replacing a small piece of the workflow, fix a weak spot in the link, or evaluate, develop and implement a complete new workflow solution, over 700 customers have turned to Rods and Cones for the most innovative and customized approach.
EnJOY-a-Bowls continue the company's tradition of offering delicious multi-use cone creations, including sugar, cake, waffle, and gluten free cones.
John Freefor wrote on our Facebook page: "Maybe if the council collected the cones and did their jobs in the one day, there would be no cones lying around for people to use as a hat.
Trimline cones are narrower in circumference to provide more resistance to wind and to save storage space.
These days we have waffle cones, sugar cones, chocolate dipped cones and regular ones ( I doubt they had all those a hundred years ago.
On sandstone outcrops the cypress trees growing in the cracks were fully mature, with dozens of cones, but they barely reached my waist.
The other two cones simulate the opponent's hip toward which the defensive lineman will be slanting--"left" or "right," at the coach's command.
Once heated, the unit's nonstick surface will bake the cone to the color desired.
Foster of Imperial College in London, who led the research group that made the mice without rods and cones.
To fill a group of cones, use inexpensive favors, cookies, or the fruit taffy canes on page 80.
Little Caesars Pizza Cones Help Non-profit Groups 'Scoop up' Fundraising Dollars
SCOTLAND'S nightmare roadworks programme is costing nearly pounds 500,000 a year in cones alone.
These include the vast array of drills utilizing cones, lines, hoops, ropes, and other landmarks to designate starting and ending positions.
Sotile said, "Once the public tries it, they don't want jacketed cones or cones wrapped in napkins anymore.