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relating to or resembling a cone

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The Surface Geometrical Energy Distribution tool revealed that light from a star was grouped into a thin conelike shape when the star was exactly centered in my theoretical 6-inch telescope.
Unique Characteristics: Air-dries well, and has a distinctive conelike center.
A conelike protrusion of the protuberantia occipitalis externa is, however, only found in male skulls of the test group (E: 0 percent; G: 22.
Termites crowd into the upper, dry sections of their tall, conelike nests and wait for the waters to recede.
Description: Conelike, dense terminal spikes in reds, oranges, and yellows.
Male flowers have terminal, sessile heads; female flowers have terminal, conelike heads.
It has triangular stems and bears a cluster of small, conelike seedheads at the apex of the top leaves.
But as her belly rose and swelled conelike between her immense breasts, the women in the hammam began to say that it was not one of the whorehouse customers who had impregnated Mamou, but the king of the demons of Omerijan in person.
Riegl concentrated his description essentially on the Mediterranean area and found the original formal theme in patterns taken from the profile view of the lotus flower and the palmette, 'consisting of a series of three or more petals or fronds, arranged radially as a spray or fan that emerges from a small conelike element' (p.
In addition to their distinctive flowers, magnolia trees feature conelike fruit and very large distinctive leaves.
The apical and bladder neck margins are removed and radially sectioned in a cervical conelike fashion.
It bears conelike fruits called hops, which age from pale green to amber brown and remain attractive all winter.
However much the conelike shape in Elephant Head (1936) may suggest a pachyderm's trunk, its position halfway through a hole in another metal form clearly suggests something else.
Unique Characteristics: Stem is furrowed with varying sized rough ridges; conelike spikes at top contain spores; leafless, aquatic plant is found in lowlands, including pool margins; has hollow stem.