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Synonyms for cone-shaped

relating to or resembling a cone

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Hyacinth: A cone-shaped bloom with lots of tiny flowers typically in purple, but also white, lilac, blue and pink.
It has cone-shaped melt-distribution elements that nest inside each other like drink cups.
Lava had apparently erupted from the island's center and spread equally around the flanks of the volcano in the last 6 million years, making a cone-shaped island subsequently sculpted by erosion.
The bulbs are available in two forms - a "T" shaped design for use in recessed canisters or a stylized cone-shaped bulb for lamps, track lighting, or other fixtures where the entire bulb is visible.
He later lost court cases against makers of cone-shaped devices.
You don't actually hit the ball but hit a cone-shaped striker in front of the ball instead.
50) with plenty of it stuffed into the plump, cone-shaped wrapping, preferably soybean paper (70 cents extra), over the more commonly used seaweed (nori).
Dumped on a table, dry sand settles into a cone-shaped mound.
After stent placement, the cone-shaped Interceptor PLUS filter is closed and removed with any debris particles inside.
The Sushi Mac chefs - one being a comparative rarity, a deft young woman - also make competitive versions of spicy rolls, both the cone-shaped hand roll and the regular roll.
In contrast to the cone-shaped teeth of its kin, Chimaerasuchus' teeth were relatively flat with a pronounced cutting edge at the back.
With each spin of the cone-shaped toy, children are inspired to create intricate three-dimensional spiral shapes in a variety of colors.
The Gunther Tulip is a cone-shaped wire device with a hook on top that facilitates retrieval.
The ``closed-face'' spin-casting reel is easily distinguished by its push-button line release, a cone-shaped cover, a line pickup device and a line-winding mechanism.
Protected from the heat by a shield, the cone-shaped probe will hit the atmosphere at 106,000 miles per hour and float down on a parachute.