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a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone

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An isolated, articulated condylus tertius, located in the median-sagittal plane and the anterior margin of the foramen occipitale magnum represents the highest degree of persistence.
While tuberositas supracondylaris was found to be present proximal to condylus lateralis, which is found in distal section of femur as reported by several researchers (Dinc et al.
We refer these specimens to the extinct tadornine genus Anabernicula rather than to Anas because of these characters: coracoid - Sulcus musculo supracoracoidei deep, Cotyla scapularis deep, Processus procoracoideus rugose in dorsal aspect with subparallel lineations, Facies articularis sternalis deep and distinct in dorsal aspect; tibiotarsus - Condylus medialis narrow; in distal aspect, intercondylar region relatively shallow.
Each article of the pedipalp and the first leg was measured in retrolateral view, from the basal condylus to the distal one.