condyloma acuminatum

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a small benign wart on or around the genitals and anus

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Detection of multiple human papillomavirus types in Condylomata acuminata lesions from otherwise healthy and immunosuppressed patients.
67%) including 1 case of latent syphilis of unknown duration and 1 case of condylomata acuminata and in 3 subjects of the comparison group (5.
Though HPV causing genital condyloma acuminata is generally transmitted by sexual routes, we aimed to present a case of primary urethral condylomata acuminata involving the entire urethra, which is different from many cases in the literature, in a patient with no risk factors identified after transurethral resection of the prostate (TUR-P).
Anal disorders in HIV-positive patients (most often found in combination) Disorder Average incidence (%) Proctitis/skin involvement 40 Condylomata acuminata 43 Fissure-in-ano 30 Anal ulcer 29 Haemorrhoids 15 Chlamydia/gonorrhoea 2 Kaposi's sarcoma 2 Squamous cell carcinoma 1
Human lymphoblastoid interferon (Wellferon) in primary therapy of two children with condylomata acuminata.
Most of the effect was on condylomata acuminata, the focus of the proposed indication: The vaccine was 89% effective in preventing condylomata acuminata.
37) A study of estimated direct medical costs per complete clearance associated with different treatment options for condylomata acuminata demonstrated, surprisingly, that surgical options such as excision, electrodessication, loop electrosurgical excision, and laser surgery were low-cost options.
HIV-1 infection and risk of vulvovaginal and perianal condylomata acuminata and intraepithelial neoplasia: a prospective cohort study.
Condylomata acuminata, or venereal warts, are papillomatous lesions located primarily in the anogenital region of the human body.
Two other Alpha-PV types, HPV6 and HPV11, are in contrast the main etiological agents of condylomata acuminata or anogenital warts, the most frequent HPV-related benign lesion in the anogenital region of both sexes.
Pl Four distinct subtypes of AGWs have been described: condylomata acuminata (Pointed warts), flat/macular lesions, papular and keratotic lesions.
All AGW were excised surgically and histologically confirmed as condylomata acuminata.
These lesions present as condylomata acuminata, warts or focal epithelial hyperplasia.