condyloma acuminatum

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a small benign wart on or around the genitals and anus

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We report a new case of oral condyloma acuminatum, one that was not associated with anogenital condyloma or any other HPV-induced lesions.
Condyloma acuminatum is caused by HPV that is usually transmitted through sexual or skin-to-skin contact.
Condyloma acuminatum has been specifically linked to the HPV DNA genotypes 6 and 11; more than 75% of patients with oral condyloma are positive for HPV DNA.
Others may classify all condylomata without high-grade dysplasia under the term condyloma acuminatum (LSIL/AIN I),or alternatively, condyloma acuminatum; there is no evidence of high-grade dysplasia.
It is believed that the giant condyloma of Buschke and Lowenstein represents the anogenital version of verrucous carcinoma and is an intermediate state between condyloma acuminatum and squamous cell carcinoma.
Dermatologic Effects of Cigarette Smoking Direct Effects Indirect Effects Facial wrinkling Poor wound healing Facial gauntness Psoriasis Complexion color changes Atherosclerotic peripheral vascular disease Decreased skin moisture Buerger's disease Yellowed nails Raynaud's disease Harlequin nails Diabetic foot disease Halitosis Oral yeast infections Nicotine stomatitis Condyloma acuminatum Skin burns Cutaneous findings in HIV and AIDS, Crohn's disease, and malignancies TABLE 2.
SAN FRANCISCO - Antiretroviral therapy is associated with an increased risk of condyloma acuminatum in HIV-infected patients, Dr.
Condyloma acuminatum was diagnosed in 11% of attendees during this period, oral hairy leukoplakia in 5.
Condyloma acuminatum associated with syringocystadenoma papilliferum.
It is also being investigated for viral diseases such as chronic hepatitis and condyloma acuminatum and a variety of malignancies like lung cancer, breast cancer and brain tumors in combination with conventional therapies.
They include condyloma acuminatum, giant condyloma acuminatum, warty (condylomatous) SCC, verrucous carcinoma and low-grade papillary SCC NOS.
Current Phase II/III clinical trails include viral diseases like condyloma acuminatum, hepatitis and a verity of malignancies such as lung cancer, breast cancer and brain tumors in which combinations with conventional therapies are explored.