condyloid process

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the condyle of the ramus of the mandible that articulates with the skull

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Measurements are classified as belonging to the alveolar process (A) and its subdivisions, the incisor (In) or molar (Mo) alveolus, or to the ascending ramus (M) and its subdivisions, the coronoid process (Cr), the condyloid process (Cn), the angular process (Ag), or the masseteric region (Ms).
Five QTLs are significantly associated with the coronoid process (QTMAN3-2, QTMAN4-2, QTMAN13-1, QTMAN15-3, and QTMAN19-1), four with the condyloid process (QTMAN1-1, QTMAN9-1, QTMAN10-2, and QTMAN15-2), one with the angular process (QTMAN17-2), and three with the masseteric region (QTMAN1-1, QTMAN4-2, and QTMAN19-1).
Measurements of Ludington, Michigan, Castoroides canadensis Right Dentary Length of tooth row 74 mm Greatest length of lower molar II 18 mm Greatest length of lower molar III 16 mm Greatest length of mandibular symphasis 75 mm Greatest length, tip of jaw through condyloid process 202 mm Greatest length of alveolus I 22 mm Greatest length of alveolus IV 22 mm Greatest width of alveolus I 26 mm Greatest width of alveolus IV 18 mm