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a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone

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In fact, the individuals exhibit ridge and pit external cranial ornamentation, dorsoventrally deep pars dentalis on maxilla, step-like palatine shelf at the maxilla, completely fused braincase, reduced subtemporal fossae, occipital arterial foramina developed as a wide foramen that opens medially to a subvertical ridge, a wide and deep condyloid fossa lateral to the occipital condyle where a large jugular foramen opens, and ilium with broad supracetabular and preacetabular expansions, and very large acetabulum (see LYNCH, 1971; RAGE & ROCEK, 2007).
The posterior process is called the condyloid process.
TABLE 1 Measurements of Ludington, Michigan, Castoroides canadensis Right Dentary Length of tooth row 74mm Greatest length of lower molar II 18 mm Greatest length of lower molar III 16 mm Greatest length of mandibular symphasis 75 mm Greatest length, tip of jaw through condyloid process 202 mm Greatest length of alveolus I 22mm Greatest length of alveolus IV 22 mm Greatest width of alveolus I 26mm Greatest width of alveolus IV 18 mm
The condyloid process also carries the condyle for articulation with the cranium.