condylar process

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the condyle of the ramus of the mandible that articulates with the skull

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rattus in having a short rostrum, broad zygomatic arches, a more vertical condylar process, wide incisors, and long molar rows.
Limits of quantitative character variability (in the majority of rodents) used for data ranging (in % except for ACP) Limits of variability Character Minimum Maximum Tail length (T') 0 150 Ear length (E') 0 35 Vibrissae length (Vib') 5 60 Forefoot claw length (UM') 0 5 Hind foot length (HF') 10 40 Forefoot length (FF') 5 20 Rostrum length (LR') 15 40 Zigomatic breadth (ZB') 40 70 Breadth across incisor tips (BIT') 3 10 Length of maxillary toothrow (LMT') 5 25 Height of mandibular corpus (HMd') 10 25 Angle of condylar process (ACP, [degrees]) 10 60 Table 2.
The condyle may be morphologically normal, or elongation of the condylar process may be noted.
In the meantime, a piece of bone called the condylar process grew posteriorly to help brace the connection between the dentary and postdentary bones.