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a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone

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When this method is used, the geometric center axis passing through the centers of the medial and lateral condyles can be used together to measure condylar motion (Asano et al.
The PCS shrew does not have an enlarged condylar process and laterally offset articular facets separated by a groove from the body of the dentary; therefore, it differs from the Nectogalini.
Bone ingrowth into the tibial component of a canine total condylar knee replacement prosthesis.
Among the topics are a bio-inspired condylar knee joint for leg amputees and for knee implants, environmental harmony and the architecture of place in Yoruba urbanism, oscillating foils for ship propulsion, the experimental hydrodynamics imaging and undulatory movement equation of steady swimming fish, and simulating a passive ground-coupled cooling system for a room in a hot humid climate.
Moreover, the ranges of movements of the condylar process heads also show asymmetric motion.
The left dentary included the posterior one-half of the horizontal ramus, coronoid and condylar processes, and p4-m3.
Examples of these intra-articular fractures would include the mallet fracture injuries of the terminal phalanx, as well as various condylar fractures of the proximal middle and distal phalanges.
Wear in retrieved condylar knee arthroplasties * 1:: A comparison of wear in different designs of 280 retrieved condylar knee prostheses.
Then they identified 47 cases of typical stress fractures (transverse on the lateral side without intermediate fragments, plus a thickening of the lateral cortex at the fracture site and no involvement of the trochanteric or condylar areas).
ARKANSAS DERBY winner Archarcharch will require surgery after suffering a lateral condylar fracture in Saturday's Classic, while Comma To The Top suffered an ankle injury, though vets said the situation was not an emergency.
The role of systemic hypermobility and condylar hypermobility in temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome.
This new edition has been revised and updated and includes six new chapters on lingual hematoma; innovative treatment approaches to condylar neck fractures; the application of resorbable plates and screws; material-specific techniques; and alveolar, mandibular, and maxillary bone distraction.
Mandibular condylar hyperplasia (CH) is a pathological condition that causes over development of the condylar head and neck as well as the mandible, usually creating significant functional and aesthetic jaw and facial deformities (1-3).
Translational and rotational components of condylar motion are present, with translation occurring more notably at the upper joint space, and a more rotational component of motion occurring at the inferior joint space.
The Orthopedic Implants segment rolled out the condylar stabilizing ultra-congruent insert for the Triathlon Knee System, the Scorpio NRG with X3 advanced bearing technology and the Omega 3 Compression Hip Screw System.