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Janet lives in Sydney, Australia, but visited Coatbridge last year to join in commemorative events marking the 60th anniversary of her sister's disappearance - and she is appealing to the conductress on Gartshore's bus that day to speak to the police.
Weinberg; warden, Miss Eva McCollum; conductress, Mrs.
She began as a conductress, a role she did for six months before becoming a driver on routes across Teesside, from Park End, Billingham and Coulby Newham.
But I've met some cracking personalities on the trains, including one conductress who would pass 200 fags through the window when the Rhymney train slowed down before pulling into Bargoed after her Torremolinos holidays.
Ken Morgan was a young RAF airman when he caught the eye of an 18-year-old conductress working on the country bus route between Gloucester and Cardiff.
It was love at first sight when airman Ken, then 22, saw 18-year-old trainee conductress Shirley on the Red and White Route One service between Gloucester and Cardiff in 1956.
Shirley was a trainee conductress on the bus I got on.
Margaret Holmes was the conductress (a new wartime role for women) on the bus which was hit in a Zeppelin raid.
Currently, she serves as the state conductress, whose duties include assisting with ceremonies, unit meetings and state conventions, among others.
So, it's not a huge surprise that when Oxford City police are called in to investigate the murder of a young bus conductress, who was spirited away from a funfair, Morse is not on the case.
So, it's not a huge surprise that as this new series begins with Oxford City police investigating the murder of a young bus conductress, who was spirited away from a funfair, Morse isn't on the case.
Led by the husband-and-wife team of musicians and educators Maria Theresa Vizconde Roldan, conductress, and Jude Bautista Roldan, pianist, the children are currently in the process of learning the actions for "We Are All God's Children.
Bridget was a conductress with AA Buses while Dick was a driver for Western SMT – but eventually they crewed the same bus.
Now, editor after editor after editor later and morphed into a digital-only tool and dropping the word "Books" that appeared after "Reference" in my day, the latest editor and conductress of the webinar is Denise Bennett.