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a woman conductor

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I based Pat on a blousy shop assistant in a Hackney bakery and a bus conductress I spied on a Number 38 bus, with spiky bangs.
Bridget was a conductress with AA Buses while Dick was a driver for Western SMT – but eventually they crewed the same bus.
In short, at each of these occurences, he felt what was infinitely more tormenting than the stab of a real dagger; and at every fresh filip of his fear, he acted as remembrancer to his conductress, in a new volley of imprecations importing that her fife was absolutely connected with his opinion of his own safety.
An inquest heard that he had applied his brake but not informed the conductress.
But before she became a driver, Mabel used to work as a conductress for the same bus company.
LAST RUN: Mona Lockwood was conductress on the town's last trolley bus.
She appears for the first time during her busy working hours as a tram conductress (142).
She joined on 26 September 1966 and worked through the Star point system: Associate Conductress, Conductress, Associate Matron, and then in September 1972 through to August 1973 she was Worthy Matron.
TRAM (2012) Texas Premiere Director: Michaela Pavlatova, Czech Republic, 7 minutes A coproduction of Sacrebleu Productions and Negativ Film ; the humdrum daily routine of a Tram conductress takes an interesting turn when she allows her imagination to wander
So we looked at the Xinjiang province, [whose music] is close to this place, almost related to Indian," Zhu Man, the conductress of CNOH, told Gulf News.
SUNDAY The Reader Channel 4, 9pm Kate Winslet deservedly won her first Oscar for her moving portrayal of tram conductress Hanna Schmitz.
Is her role to be conductress, to allow him admission to something?
matchmaking on the move with Cupid conductress Zoe Salmon, some nerd called Sergio and a girl dressed as Lady Gaga.
School children under the direction of the Head Master (SS 488) in action and story gave their 'W E L C O M E' following which item some home brewed' verses by the conductress were sung, accompanied by a ballet effect by the following girls (ages 20 to 70): Mary Shanks, Edie Smith, Hettie Shanks, Alma Smith, Alice, Nellie, Elsie and Grace Bodycoat, Alice Humphries, Mabel Hicks, Dorothy Knox, Alice Jolley, Alison Graff, Rene Smith, Emma Giddens.
In total, the 70-strong Fron Male Voice Choir and their conductress Ann Atkinson have sold more than a million albums since the launch of their first CD Voices of the Valley in November 2006.