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having the quality or power of conducting heat or electricity or sound

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Arizona Polymer Flooring (APF), a manufacturer of high-performance flooring products and concrete coating systems, has launched StatRez Static Control Flooring Systems, which are designed to protect areas requiring static dissipative or conductive flooring.
Damages can be prevented by using conductive flooring material or applying several coats of an ESD-preventing finish solution to the floor.
To prevent fire or explosion of hazardous materials, conductive flooring is required.
Their floorings now include: Ucrete polyurethane concrete floor for use in the most demanding industrial environments and to-date more than 5,000,000sq m of this steam-cleanable, heat-resistant flooring has been laid worldwide; and Mastertop industrial flooring systems, including Mastertop 1200 and 1700 polykit series of solvent-free epoxy resin floor systems and the Mastertop 1235i semi conductive flooring together with their APS hybrid flooring system.