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having the quality or power of conducting heat or electricity or sound

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SelecTech is the creator of the top performing, 70 percent recycled content, 100 percent recyclable FreeStyle commercial flooring line, as well as the FreeStyle ESD flooring line, which is renowned as an interlocking conductive flooring powerhouse that is essential to health care organizations utilizing electronic data.
Their floorings now include: Ucrete polyurethane concrete floor for use in the most demanding industrial environments and to-date more than 5,000,000sq m of this steam-cleanable, heat-resistant flooring has been laid worldwide; and Mastertop industrial flooring systems, including Mastertop 1200 and 1700 polykit series of solvent-free epoxy resin floor systems and the Mastertop 1235i semi conductive flooring together with their APS hybrid flooring system.
The conductive silver spheres (CSS-20) at 20 microns and the conductive silver Micaclad (CSM-20) at 50 and 20 microns are said to be successful in EMI shielding and conductive flooring where micro applications are needed.
Approximately half of the new building is occupied by White Mountain Labs and includes a 4,000 square-foot test facility with state-of-the-art conductive flooring, which is essential for consistent ESD testing of semiconductor components.
The new buildings will need to be designed to ensure there is no contamination of items, there is temperature control and conductive flooring to prevent any static build-up.