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6,10 The present case had ocular hypertelorism, repaired cleft lip and alveolus of left side, enamel hypoplasia, agenesis of permanent mandibular central incisors, supernumerary nasal tooth, syndactyly of both hands and feet with unilateral duplication of hallux and associated conductive deafness with speech disorder.
Autosomal dominant inheritance of conductive deafness due to stapedial anomalies, external ear malformations and congenital facial palsy.
Born with conductive deafness, Matt has an extra edge when it comes to nonverbal communication - this has allowed him to become an exceptional hypnotherapist and an impressive trainer.
As the bullet damaged the middle ear, she may suffer from conductive deafness .
The tumor may infiltrate the forward cortex, causing the posterior meatal wall to be pushed forward and downward, thereby causing conductive deafness.
In its simplest form, conductive deafness occurs when the ear canal becomes blocked with wax and can be alleviated by a doctor.
CONDUCTIVE DEAFNESS For sound to reach the inner ear it has to travel through the external ear canal, cross the middle ear, and enter the hearing organ (the cochlea) in the inner ear.