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the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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Key words: Total atrial conduction time, coronary ectasia, atrial functions, tissue Doppler imaging, regression analysis
In addition total atrial conduction time provides more exact evaluation of the atrial remodeling than conventional echocardiography parameters (8).
Compact procedures for generating conduction time series functions and radiant time factors are suitable for implementation in the macro language environment of a spreadsheet.
The results showed that AEx was able to: (1) increase the PR interval, (2) increase the QT interval, (3) increase the QRS complex duration, (4) decrease the cardiac rate, (5) decrease the conduction velocity of atrial impulse, (6) prolong the conduction time for the electrical impulse to travel from the right atrium to the His bundle, frequently inducing a third-degree AV block, (7) decrease the intraventricular pressure, and (8) decrease the ventricular wall mobility.
Studies carried out to determine the impulse conduction time from the atrium to the His bundle have stressed the hypothesis that the increase of PR interval, promoted by AEx, is derived from the extracts effect on the AV nodal cells.
Similarly, the author in this paper, concluded that PA-TDI duration that is used to assess LA conduction time is prolonged.
During a typical type 1 block, the increment in conduction time is greatest in the second beat of the Wenckebach group, and the absolute increase in conduction time decreases progressively over subsequent beats.
01 Data are presented as mean [+ or -] SD * Student t-test AERPD - atrial effective refractory periods dispersion, AVWCL - Wenckebach cycle length of A-V conduction, DM--diabetes mellitus, HLAERP--high left atrium effective refractory period, HRAERP--high right atrium effective refractory period, IACT--inter-atrial conduction time, LLAERP--low left atrium effective refractory period Table 3.
The results of this study showed that in DM group inter-atrial conduction time (IACT), atrial effective refractory period (AERP) and inducibility of AF were increased and LA interstitial fibrosis was evident and may constitute a substrate for the development of AF.
This proven technology employs a closed loop feedback system that detects body-diode conduction, and adjusts dead time delays in the next switching cycle to minimize the conduction time interval in synchronous rectifiers.
Depending on the retrograde conduction time, the PMT rate may be at or below the programmed upper rate limit of the pacemaker.
The CVT-510 Phase I trial suggests that in healthy volunteers CVT-510 may slow AV nodal conduction time and that it may slow abnormally rapid heart rates at doses which may have minimal effects on normal heart rates or on blood pressure.
The data suggest that CVT-510 may slow AV nodal conduction time and that CVT-510 may slow abnormally rapid heart rates at doses which may have minimal effects on blood pressure or on normal heart rates.
Early applications of TMS included replacing high-voltage transcutaneous electrical stimulation previously used in studies to measure central nervous system conduction times associated with illnesses such as multiple sclerosis.