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the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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Two simple electrocardiographic markers, P wave maximal duration and P wave dispersion, have been used to evaluate the intra-atrial and inter-atrial conduction times and the inhomogeneous propagation of sinus impulses which are well-known electrophysiological characteristics of atria that prone to fibrillation.
The total atrial conduction time (PA-tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) duration) was assessed by measuring the time interval between the beginning of the P wave on the surface ECG and point of the peak A wave on TDI from LA lateral wall just over the mitral annulus.
Conduction time series factors (CTSF) are determined with a one-dimensional finite volume method (FVM) model.
The NCP1654 and NCP1655 are continuous conduction mode PFC controllers in charge of the power switch conduction time in fixed frequency mode, dependent on the instantaneous coil current.
Furthermore, it decreased the conduction velocity of atrial impulse (17 [+ or -] 3%); reduced the intraventricular pressure (86 [+ or -] 6%), and increased the conduction time between the right atrium and the His bundle (27 [+ or -] 6.
This pathophysiologic alteration causes a delay in the conduction time of the impulses transmitted along the peripheral motor neuron pathways.
The woman's ABR conduction time was normal, but her otoacoustic emissions analysis detected a very intense SOAE and DPOAE in the right ear, and an intense SOAE and no DPOAE in the left.
The extremely low turn-off delay time of 40ns typical, combined with the high sink current capability of the drivers and the automatic package parasitic inductance compensation system allow synchronous rectification MOSFET conduction time to be maximized - thus increasing the efficiency of the SMPS.
Practice parameters for electrophysiological diagnostic criteria of ulnar neuropathy at the elbow:[sup][4] (1) the nerve conduction time of each segment was mean + 2 standard deviations (SDs) longer than the same segment in the healthy group; (2) conduction block was found in proximal segment compared with the successive distal segment that CMAP was reduced by 20% or more and duration was increased by 10% or less.
8] studied effects of age and weight on the measurements of motor nerve conduction time in an asymptomatic population of industrial workers.
Total atrial conduction time is measured as the time delay between the onset of the P-wave (preferably in lead II) of the surface electrocardiogram and the peak A'-wave on the tissue Doppler tracing of the left atrial (LA) lateral wall (PA-TDI duration).
They control the power switch conduction time in a fixed frequency mode and in dependence on the instantaneous coil current.
4) The patients had a better prognosis who were abnormal in motor nerve conduction time only, but not amplitude in compressed lesions than those who were abnormal both in velocity and amplitude.
Motor nerve conduction time, which is defined as the difference between the proximal and distal motor nerve latencies, in this instance, gave the motor nerve conduction velocity (MVC) of the knee-to ankle segment of the leg, when divided into the knee-to-ankle distance.