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RESULTS / OBSERVATIONS: Histo-pathological changes seen in the Conducting tissue of heart:
While the author was working on the histo-pathological changes in the conducting tissue of heart in Cerbera odollam poisoning, in one unrelated case of homicide, where stomach contained tapioca, there was a positive report for Cerbera odollam, based on chemical reactions, where there was no history of consumption of the same.
Once inside the outer layers of root tissue, the rhizomorphs start to develop the typical white fungal mycelium that attacks the conducting tissue and slow die back, premature leaf fall, poor flowering, oozing watery or resinous material and splitting of bark near ground level all show themselves as the outward symptoms of the fungus.
Because the normal circular flow of electricity in these patient's hearts was interrupted by a slowing of conduction in the left bundle branch, consisting of specialized conducting tissue, they reasoned that the right bundle branch would be critical to maintaining the tachycardia, and they destroyed it.
The blight is a fungus that grows through the bark into the nutrient, growth, and water conducting tissues, eventually girdling and killing the above ground part of the tree.
A cryoablation catheter that is used to ablate conducting tissues of the heart with cold energy has been approved as a treatment for atrioventricular node reentry tachycardia.
The histologic examination often reveals widespread involvement of the myocardium, vascular endothelium, conducting tissues, and valves, particularly the mitral valve.