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the way of administering a business

the direction of an orchestra or choir

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In May, an outside firm will begin conducting criminal background checks on applicants.
Upon conducting SL, teaching candidates typically engage in varied forms of reflection and are assessed in multiple ways according to the criteria set forth by the University Supervisor (US).
But Mogrelia decided to play along; be went for an interview, survived an audition, and found himself conducting a matinee of Roland Petit's L'Arlesienne without an orchestral rehearsal.
The answer could affect the liability of those conducting the investigation and could affect the privacy of that information.
When dealing with the issue of parole or probation searches, courts often face questions regarding the motivation of the officers conducting them.
Rather than conducting a large, full-scale quantitative study, we'll interview 100 farmers to get a snapshot," he explains.
Now, however, a range of development efforts aims to put conducting polymers to use in products as diverse as paper-thin televisions and sensors for chemical-weapons detectors.
Understanding the multiple layers of share ownership is the first step an acquirer of a publicly traded target may want to take in conducting a Rev.
While he has made acclaimed recordings of other composers' music, Shostakovich is best-known for conducting his father's work, and he considers it his most important duty.
Many companies specialize in conducting these background checks.
Equally memorable are Bernstein's documented declarations in private of his publicly flaunted bisexuality (prompting one New York Times reviewer to call his Mahler conducting "effeminate") and his larger-than-life, kiss-everyone-in-sight personality, which caused one of his friends to cable him, on the morning of his 1973 concert for the pope, "Remember--the ring, not the lips.
By conducting a frequency sweep during the cures, it was further observed that the part exhibited a peak on the 2 kHz inverse capacitance that occurred at approximately 50 seconds.
This unit's function, in part, continues to be that of taking information developed during the course of an examination and conducting a specialized investigation or examination to determine what, if any, laws have been violated through activity conducted at a bank.
An initial starting point in this process was conducting a series of focus groups.