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Synonyms for conduce

to have a share, as in an act or result; have a hand in

Synonyms for conduce

be conducive to

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Nine suspected militants were killed during an intelligence operation conduced in D I Khan's Kulachi tehsil.
Meanwhile, FIA Cyber Crime Lahore conduced a raid in a house at Sahi Colony Faisalabad Road Sargodha and unearted an illegal gateway exchange and booked Abdul Qayyum.
On Saturday, the Lybian air force conduced airstrikes on militant positions near the two oil ports of Es-Sider and Ras Lanuf, said Saqer al-Joroushi, a Libyan Air Force Commander, Reuters reported.
The Rwanda Defense Forces and police units conduced simulation drills over the weekend to test Rwanda's readiness against Ebola.
For his part, Al-Bader praised the depth of relations between the two countries, stressing that supporting Jordan is necessary especially amid these tough conditions the Middle East region faces, the statement conduced.
The order read 'No 22 -- Road', and the non-commissioned officer, who had fallen into the easy mistake, lost no time in transferring his contingent to more roomy quarters, the increased accommodation of which conduced to the rest of the evening being spent into the high good humour of true comradeship.
Courses will be conduced at its purpose-built 15,000 sq ft facility in Bristol.
The conference was conceived reliant upon studies conduced in the past two decades and increasingly growing attention paid to the concept of corporate social responsibility.
The campaign was conduced in collaboration with the Al Ain Police Directorate and was carried out by the Ministry of Labour to monitor irregularities that may occur in the labour market, and ensure compliance with the application of Federal Law No.
It presents research on the development of English emergence and conventional literacy; information on children with language and literacy disabilities; literacy-focused intervention studies that have been conduced with deaf and hard of hearing students, and evidence-based practices for phonemic awareness and phonics knowledge, reading fluency, vocabulary development, and text comprehension; and the need for more rigorously designed research projects and understanding of best practices.
The winners were selected by a panel of experts who based their decisions on a comprehensive set of eating out reviews conduced over the previous 12 months by Time Out reviewers, who dined out anonymously at hundreds of eateries - from five-star restaurants to neighbourhood cafes.
Continued since the first day of the Association, and having conduced toward solving the problems of many Turkish families in need, the Sister Family Project is continuing to open doors of happiness to every family applying it.
Villacorte said further autopsies would be conduced by the National Bureau of Investigation forensics experts on the bodies of the two victims.
Students took DNA swabs for profiling, conduced other chemical and molecular analysis techniques such as flame photometry and plasmid mapping, and carried out light harnessing photosynthesis experiments.
According to a poll currently being conduced by Amazon on its Amazon Video Games Facebook page, gamers favor the Sony PS4 over the Microsoft Xbox One.