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one of the dwelling units in a condominium

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co is the largest Canadian condo review platform, crowdsourcing independent condo reviews for nearly a thousand condos in the Greater Toronto Area.
Ontario is moving forward to better protect condo owners and residents by increasing consumer protections in Ontario's condo communities.
Sold seven condos for $4 million and commercial space for $700,000.
There are several reasons why people move to condos.
Then as the Great Recession settled in, there was a steep slide in the percentage of starts, reaching a low point when condos were only 7.
But as the number of condos that remained unsold at the end of last year declined by 5,038 to 7,389 units, partly due to price falls, the market ''hit bottom in 2009,'' an institute official said.
Top outer borough condos: Staten Island condos level off
If I'm holding a $1 million condo right now, I'm scared.
Councilwoman Wendy Greuel's district now has the second-largest numbers of evictions for condos in the city, yet she sits on her hands and shows no leadership in developing a housing policy that saves, not destroys, affordable rental housing.
One sure sign of the market's demise is the mass exodus by investors and developers who initially bought rental apartments to convert to condos, said Dan Fasulo, director of market analysis at Real Capital Analytics, a New York research firm.
According to the National Association of Realtors, sales of existing condos and co-ops in 2004 reached a record 820,000 traits, representing 12.
Under the condo-hotel concept, owners can live in their condos only part of the year.
Roderick McDaniel, broker and cofounder of Huntington Browne Heal Estate in Inglewood, also warns consumers not to buy in an area "that is overly congested with [other residential] apartment complexes that can't be distinguished from condos.
In an era in the Hawaiian Islands when few things are more precious than a single-family home on Maui, condos on Kauai are also remarkably, dear.
All sellers of the condos, tucked into hotel complexes bearing well-known brand names, are banking on the city's position as a principal U.