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one of the dwelling units in a condominium

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com)-- Philly Real Estate Broker writes "Tell all Book" about the pitfalls of buying a condo.
Condos spent a median time of 43 days on the market in May, which is 6 days less than in April and 1 day less than this time last year.
Then as the Great Recession settled in, there was a steep slide in the percentage of starts, reaching a low point when condos were only 7.
Top outer borough condos: Staten Island condos level off
While the condo market may be cooling, the evictions from rent-controlled buildings to build condos isn't.
For the first eight months of 2006 fewer than 60,000 condos were sold for conversion purposes, said Michael Cohen, research strategist with Property & Portfolio Research, a Boston-based real estate research and advisory firm.
These risks may be exacerbated when owners are away, especially where condos and co-ops are purchased as seasonal residences.
Second, individual investors are buying an increasing share of condos for rental purposes, adding competitive pressure oil professionally managed rental properties.
In the greater Tokyo metropolitan area, a total of 85,429 condos were supplied in all of 2004, up 2.
Since most condos do not have great sound insulation, you're going to get to know your neighbors well.
That 22-story complex--two mauve and aqua towers joined by an atrium--features 208 condos on the uppermost floors.
Zanette's condos are priced at less than $100,000 each.
com Web Site Lets Consumers Select and Compare Condos Based on More Than 30 Different Criteria and User-Generated Rankings
para]]Majority of condos in Midtown West and Lower East Side sold for above initial asking prices, according to the StreetEasy Manhattan Condo Market Report[[/para]]
3 percent from December, representing 310 condos that went into contract last month.