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the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere

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the interests or business of Condor in or with another firm, venture,
Moreover, Condor is in preparation to start the Phase -II drilling venture at its Carachapampa-based flagship gold and silver epithermal project subsequent to the fruitful accomplishment of the Phase I.
Founded in 1988, Condor Capital is an employee-owned, SEC-registered investment advisor based in Martinsville, N.
Hundreds of volunteers donate thousands of hours of their time to monitoring condor nests, tracking birds, and reaching out to local communities and schools to promote an understanding of and appreciation for condors.
Condor Ferries operates Condor Vitesse, Condor Express, and Condor Rapide fast cat ferries.
3) Lewis and Clark found condors at the mouth of the Columbia River in 1805, but subsequent reductions in wild ungulates, marine mammals, and anadromous fish diminished condor food supplies.
The Ridley-Tree Condor Preservation Act, which takes effect in July, prohibits hunters from using lead ammunition within a critical portion of condor habitat in Central and Southern California.
By the 1930s, the Audubon Society sponsored a study of this troubled population and awarded a three-year fellowship to Carl Koford, then a Berkeley graduate student, who would begin the first scientific study of the California condor in the Hopper Mountain area.
The condor has become the "poster child" for taking lead out of the environment, but lead bullets also affect other raptors, including Bald and Golden Eagles and mammals that feed on carrion.
Fish and Wildlife Service, which spends $900,000 a year on condor preservation, estimates that up to $40 million has been spent to save the species.
Nielsen's book is an action-packed biography of the California condor.
Tired and hungry, Wallace carried a California condor known simply as Number 59 under his arm.
Battered by everything from vanishing habitat to DDT, predator poisoning campaigns and even hunting, the condor nearly went completely extinct before the U.
An advanced exploration program by Condor Gold Corp.
Their new Condor Haven boasts two breeding caves, lots of perches and a bathing pool.