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Synonyms for condone

Synonyms for condone

to grant forgiveness to or for

Synonyms for condone

excuse, overlook, or make allowances for


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His correspondence suggests that the Bible condones smoking .
A victims' support group yesterday lodged a complaint over the saucy Hunky Dorys crisp adverts - claiming they condone sex attacks against women.
Presumably the council condones the felling, just as in the 1960s it condoned the destruction of the monastery ruins in Greyfriars Road when a 12-metre high renaissance facade was pulled down.
I wish to tell others how Royal Caribbean condones the actions of the cruise director on Adventure of the Seas and how resolution to a complaint to Royal Caribbean may never be realized.
But whether Gonzales personally condones the use of torture - and he said for the record that he does not - is not the issue that really concerns Americans.
Raised on a communal farm that condones smoking marijuana, among other questionable activities, her life abruptly changes when her father decides it is time to join the outside world.
It would seem to puzzled Anglicans that their church is demonstrating compassion to refugee claimants on the one hand while it condones the creation of its own refugees on the other.
The subtitle of his book is "Dispatches from the Race War"; he sees the enemy as the government that condones profiling, politicians who use stereotypes to inculcate fear of the black man to win votes, feminists who are fighting the wrong fight, the media, the police, and just about every other organized segment of American society.
Lori Lightfoot, chief administrator of the Office of Professional Standards, was quoted as saying it's preposterous to suggest that there is a police culture that condones murder, but in the case of my brother the evidence does ot support her statement.
99 "challenges corporate management to be equal partners with auditors in creating an environment that neither condones, nor is conducive to, the existence of illegal activities.
In August, officials in Montgomery County, Texas, voted to ban It's Perfectly Normal, a best-selling children's book about human sexuality that has been translated into 17 languages for youngsters around the world, out of concerns that the book condones homosexuality.
Once a society condones the killing of its weakest, most vulnerable members, all kinds of other injustices arise.
In a letter to President Bush, he asked the president to use his authority under the law to deny all funding to UNPF, since the organization condones the forced abortion and involuntary sterilization programs of Communist China's brutal one-child policy.
Los videos tambien aconsejan a los emigrantes a usar condones y a buscar las mejores tarifas para enviar dinero a sus familias en Mexico.
The knowledge requirement regarding an employer who condones, ratifies or consents to the conduct of the employee has been removed.