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Synonyms for condone

Synonyms for condone

to grant forgiveness to or for

Synonyms for condone

excuse, overlook, or make allowances for


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Wearing a white ribbon shows that men are saying loud and clear that they will never condone any form of abuse against women.
Councillor Steven Goldswain, lead for the White Ribbon Campaign, said: "This is the third year Redcar and Cleveland Council have supported the White Ribbon Campaign, and we are asking all men across the borough to pledge that they will not condone, or take part in any abuse against women.
But Johnny Aitken, co-owner of the Riverhill Coffee Bar, said: "We do not condone the use of drugs.
ABU HAMZA preaches hate against Britain and the west and would willingly condone the murder of Britons in the name of his god.
New Delhi, Sep 27 ( ANI ): Asserting that India will never condone any act which disparages religious sentiments or hurts religious feelings, President Pranab Mukherjee has strongly condemned the offensive video on YouTube, which has sparked off disturbances across the globe.
Just when we all thought their feud was over after they were snapped together in Ibiza, Tulisa, 23, took to Twitter to say she "doesn't condone it in any way".
NNA - 3/12/2011 - The Supreme Islamic Council convened under Mufti Mohammad Qabbani to condone Prime Minister Mikati's passing of STL-funding as part of upholding Dar Fatwa High Court's "constants.
Summary: The family of the man shot dead by police have said they do not condone the riots that rocked their local area on Saturday night.
We have never condone and will not condone such activity.
Youth 2000 does not condone or encourage this kind of behavior from anyone," said Charlie Conner, the managing director of the group.
This doesn't come from a common citizen, either: author Greg Farrell is an investigative journalist for USA today and explains the links between Congressional actions and laws and the current conditions which condone and reward corporate wrong-doing.
Media regulator Ofcom investigated and the channel agreed to edit out scenes in future which glamorise or condone smoking.
Bush has been repeatedly asserting that the United States doesn't practice or condone torture," says ACLU attorney Laura Rotolo.
If you can suspend enough disbelief to think that two popes will commit suicide, contemporary cardinals will commit murder and mayhem, and the Catholic church will renege on previous teachings and allow abortion, priests to marry, negate papal infallibility, and condone nearly all other matters that would fall under the heading of sin--then you can go ahead and enjoy an otherwise suspenseful tale of intrigue.
South Tyneside Council is cracking down on families who condone non-attendance.