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Synonyms for condone

Synonyms for condone

to grant forgiveness to or for

Synonyms for condone

excuse, overlook, or make allowances for


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While the current climate is undoubtedly tougher than ever for employees when faced with pay cuts and pay freezes, it is perhaps understandable, if not at all condonable, if they do succumb to the temptation of being economical with the truth when it comes to submitting expense claims.
Walter, writing in 1969, is certainly drawing his definition from an understanding that one man's violence could be another man's social practice, and--although I make this statement tentatively--current accepted custom demands a flexibility to view alternative cultural practice as condonable.
Which, with Messrs Wilson and Solanki putting in another variety of boot by dispatching their offerings and those of their colleagues to all parts of a sun-bathed New Road, it is perhaps understandable, but certainly not condonable.
With such a past, revenge by the new authorities at the end of the war, while not condonable, was understandable.
With his made- for- the- media antics Mr Thackeray, if not checked now, will assume the arrogance of a man who knows that everything he does is condonable.