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a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open

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In 2012, Kampantais and colleagues summarized the literature and detailed 20 patients with penile FEPs; nine of these patients had a history of chronic condom catheter use,[sup.
Another mom at Carter's hospital suggested she try condom catheters, which resulted in a blowout and Carter sitting in the middle of a puddle while visiting the Build-A-Bear Workshop.
Urethral catheters, condom catheters, and nosocomial urinary tract infections.
In clean-voided specimens from catheter-free men using condom catheters, [greater than or equal to]10[sup.
The downside to condom catheters lies in men's anatomy.
Recently Peña and Prada described a rare case of lymphedematous fibroe pithelial polyp of the glans penis not associated with long-term condom catheter use; the patient had a 4-month history of lower urinary tract symptoms.
NEW YORK, April 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- About Male External Catheters A male external catheter, also called a condom catheter, helps drain urine without the need of catheter insertion in the urethra.
ReliaFit is an easy-to-apply, one-size-fits-all alternative for most condom catheter patients.
Intermittent Catheter, External / Condom Catheter Markets
Table 20: Global External / Condom Catheter Market by Region
Assessment will identify those residents whose urine leakage should be managed by containment devices such as absorbent incontinence products, external condom catheters, or toileting devices such as a urinal.
Condom catheters can cause skin tears and wounds on the penis, which are also known to cause infections.
The global postpartum hemorrhage treatment devices market is segmented into the following categories: Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) Treatment Devices Market, by Products Non-pneumatic Anti-shock Garment (NASG) Uniject Prefilled Injection System Uterine Balloon Tamponade Foley Catheters Condom Catheters Others Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) Treatment Devices Market, by Geography North America U.