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one of the dwelling units in a condominium

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9 percent, respectively, indicating that the vast majority of condo sales that closed in those neighborhoods sold at prices above the initial asking price.
Partly in response to all the condo mortgages that defaulted during the Great Recession, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs)--Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac--imposed stricter guidelines on condominium developments eligible for unit financing under their condo-lending programs.
Now, the once-hot condo market is cooling, but real estate experts and observers are loathe to call the downward turn a big bust.
John and/or Mary must own the housing unit, in this case, the condo.
This is a valuable alternative to named peril condo and co-op insurance policies that only cover specific perils.
While demand for condos is clearly present, rising condo development has also been fueled by unprecedented home price appreciation (single-family and condo alike).
The analyst brushed aside as unfounded anxiety that a condo oversupply will cause condo prices to fall broadly.
Find out what percentage of the condo units in the complex are rentals.
Developer John Kauzlarick of Kauzlarick Business Trust is pleased with sales at Signature Court, his first condo project in Thunder Bay.
CondoCompare's "secret sauce" is its ability to aggregate disparate data about hundreds of thousands of listings from multiple listing services (MLSs) and format this data so consumers can compare one unit or condo building to another.
4 percent in May, meaning a condo typically sold for 99.
The Manhattan condo market continues to endure a freeze of activity during the winter months.
com)-- Coastal Condo News, America's premier magazine for coastal condominium restoration, announces a special edition and a special section on its web site dedicated exclusively to hurricane Sandy victims, according to Dennis Hill, Publisher.
But as the housing market sputters, condo buildings are increasingly seeing residents fall behind on their payments of common charges -- a stark reminder that condo boards don't exercise the same level of financial stringency that co-ops do.
But landlords and developers said the proposed relocation fees are too high, don't take into account tenants' incomes or length of residency and could be levied even if a planned condo conversion never goes through.