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a learning process in which an organism's behavior becomes dependent on the occurrence of a stimulus in its environment

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Epley, who was an integral part of five national championships during his 34-year stint with the Nebraska Cornhuskers and is currently the Director of Coaching Performance for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), an organization he founded in 1978.
It is important to note that ii the muller is not properly maintained it will have a greater bearing on sand conditioning than any other single characteristic.
Engineers have always appreciated the benefits associated with central air conditioning.
Residents have cranked up the air conditioning, creating the largest demand this year on the city's energy supply, according to the Department of Water and Power.
At the PNB school, Thompson says, "We are offering more maintenance physical therapy, more conditioning and encouraging aerobic training.
In a law enforcement setting, Pavlovian conditioning involves using a systematic series of desensitization techniques and rewards to condition subjects to overcome their natural reluctance to use deadly force.
Benevolent Pain is good pain that is a normal result of overload within a conditioning program.
If conditioning or even random psychological events can contribute to a state of well being or even clinical and laboratory changes in animal experiments or in humans, is it possible to use the placebo effect for real therapeutic benefit?
Seventy-five years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find a legitimate strength / conditioning organization to join for learning purposes and professional growth aspirations.
It might not sound like a big deal, but some students and teachers who remember what the schools were like at the end of summer last year say a blast of cool air conditioning goes a long way.
Conditioning refers to how well the ingredients have been mixed, how evenly the clay has been hydrated and "smeared" onto the sand grains, and how "fluffy" and moldable the sand actually is.
Air conditioning is another major expense for most businesses and office buildings, but it is an expense that usually can be reduced, sometimes by taking very simple steps.
com/reports/c44166) has announced the addition of Air Conditioning Systems - Global Strategic Business Report to their offering.
We invariably find the coaches decrying the lack of time for strength and conditioning and asking us for schedules: "What should we work on and how much of each exercise should we do?
In fact, all but four public schools in the San Fernando Valley should have air conditioning ready by the time classes open Sept.